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Singapore's iconic structure: The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel is Singapore's most iconic place to stay. It was built in 1928 and was used as GPO (General Post Office) of Singapore, Singapore Club etc. Thus the building has lots of historical importance.

I have only seen this hotel from outside during all my visits and one day I hope to stay here for a day. If you're lucky, you might get cheapest room at about 300 SGD (comes with some terms like No cancellation etc) but generally room rents here average between 400 to 500 SGD a night. During special events like F1 race, Fullerton Hotel's presidential suite gets sold for as high as 30000 SGD- residents of this hotel can view the race live from their room, roof top etc.

Some photos of the iconic Fullerton Hotel below- clicked during day and night.

Fullerton bay Hotel
An extension of popular Fullerton Hotel is the Fullerton Bay Hotel. This one is little recent and

Interestingly, Fullerton Hotel is also partially owned by Fast East organization, owners of Oasia Hotel where we had stayed. The restored Fullerton Hotel became operational in July 2001, about 15 years ago. Building has lots of architectural work, similar to one found on city hall and former supreme court building.

If you're in Singapore, you would definitely be visiting the Merlion at No 1 Fullerton Square. The Fullerton hotel is just across the road, do take a closer look.

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