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Acedrive luxury selfdrive car rental, Singapore

Before I arrived in Singapore, I thought of exploring self-drive car rental options in Singapore.  So I landed on the website of Ace drive. On Day 1 morning I had some free time, so I went to their office to get first hand experience.
Acedrive have lots of high end cars on self drive offer- Porche Boxter, Porche 911, Audi TT, Ferrari, BMW convertible and so on.

The Porche 911 Carrera 4S PDK shown here can be rented for 15 mins at 250 SGD (cheaper than Ferrari available at MBS). Only select cars are available for short term rentals, others need to be booked for a day minimum. Daily rentals are not listed in the website, but cost a few thousand SGD per day depending on car. Longer the rental duration, more will be your negotiation power. As part of SG50 celebrations, Ace drive is offering 50% off on second day rental.

Below is what I understood from my experience after visiting their office and interacting with Andrew Chan.
  • Anyone with a home country issued driving license, written in English, can drive a car in Singapore
  • However, self-drive car rental by tourists is very poor-since taxi and public transportation is good.
  • Unlike Europe, space is a constraint in Singapore- there’re not much places to go on long drive and inside city one has to keep up with speed limit and traffic. So driving with rented car won’t add much value.
  • It is technically possible to drive to Malaysia in your own car from Singapore. But because of complicated border paperwork, hardly anyone prefers it.
  • Majority of Ace-drive’s customers rent car for special occasions such as weddings
  • Usually cars are rented on a per day basis, but some select cars are offered on an hourly basis- mostly for photo ops and fun rides.
  • A credit card with lots of limit is essential to rent a car. For high end car, deposit amount is in the range of 8-10 lakh INR or more. (Remember that amount is not even 10% of car’s value)
Audi TTS Roadster

Porche Boxster

Ace car is located at 50, Ubi Ave 3, Frontier, Singapore 408866.

I had a short ride in this BMW convertible. Have made videos, but still haven't managed to process and upload them.

Unfortunately their Ferrari was not around when I visited.

There were few other agencies as well that rent supercars in Singapore, but they didn’t respond to my query.

I asked if they have any plans to expand to other countries, but answer was No, not at the moment. Roads in Singapore have speed limit of 60KMPH in city, 80/90 kmph on highways, so there’s no legal way to drive faster in a supercar. Supercar owners usually speed up early mornings hoping not to get caught.

If you want to drive experience some high end cars without the burden of owning one, you know now where to head to. Now that I am aware of luxury car driving options in Singapore, next time I will go better prepared (read more cash). Do check AceDrive website for more details. They do have everyday cars at affordable rates as well.

A view of Ubi Ave, Singapore

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