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Keepers, Singapore: A Platform for creative Designers!

Orchard Road is Singapore's main shopping street. When we entered Orchard road from a parking lot near Somerset MRT, there were sky rises all around. Every building was sky high. But as we arrived in front of Keepers, after crossing the road three times (in an inverted U pattern), it was a single floor building. I was surprised a lot. Keepers SG is a small shop that provides a platform for several designers and create people to sell their wares. I learnt that Keepers building is a temporary one and not permanent- that is the reason why it is not sky high.
We met Gauri Garodia of Indian origin, who had on display a range of perfumes on sale. She made us experience the sample of her creation and explained their significance. I am no big expert in perfumes- but I asked a basic question- why perfumes are so expensive. She explained the complex process involved and volume of raw material required to get a bottle of perfumes. These two are primary drivers why perfumes are very expensive. Gauri's perfume brand is called Codedeco.
Next we met Quanda Ong, a master talesmith who had several creative bags and wallets on sale. He showed us a bag that shows the hair and tortoise story- it had two zippers- one for hare and another for tortoise. The tortoise one is longer at the destination, signifying that it wins the race. Very thoughtful way to explain the story. He also had many other stuffs to show. His website is
Next I met Joanne Low, who was a lawyer in Korea but eventually opted to pursue her designer ambitions. Joana had some custom designed jewellery on display. She had some questions on GoPro which I was happy to explain. Do check her website,
There were few others who displayed bags, dresses, games and other super creative stuff.
Keepers also has ice creams and few other stuff on sale for a few dollars.
In essence, Keepers is a unique place on Orchard road to explore, because of unique collections on offer at reasonable price, much different from malls and conventional stores. 

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