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Fun with carbon filament bulbs-with Yuphoria

I had picked up a Rs 7000 Yu Yuphoria recently. Initially I wasn't too impressed with its camera, but after several days of use, I am pretty satisfied with it. More about the phone in a separate post. In this post, I am sharing a set of photos I clicked yesterday with this phone. Didn't have Nikon with me and GoPro wasn't really good. Yuphoria pics turned out to be brilliant, once I figured out the right mode to use.

These were clicked at Rasoi, an Indian restaurant in Denmark. (more later) where we had gone for team dinner. The restaurant had lots of lamps with carbon filament. These are different from traditional LED/LCD or tungsten filament bulbs. Housed in a glass casing their reflection resulted in some eye catching patterns as you see below. Zero post processing, I have compressed picture size for web unloading. Original 3MB pics are slightly better.

Kept a glass in between for extra effect...

A goPro shot appears like below- wider but no colour richness

Same setting, another photo taken with front selfie camera- this looks ordinary because of no colour enhancement that happens in sunset mode

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