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GitGit Twin Waterfalls, Northern Bali

GitGit Waterfalls was the second attraction I set out to explore in Bali. It was some 80 kms north of Kuta and I headed in that direction with the Scoopy and the Google map. I encountered heavy rains for which I was not prepared for- had to wait for sometime and then managed to buy a wafer thin plastic sheet rain coat for IDR 30000 from a shop and could continue my journey.
Multi stage git git twin waterfalls
I missed the turn for GitGit waterfalls parking and went a few kms ahead- ended up exploring a less popular hidden waterfalls- more on that later.

Back at Git Git waterfalls, I parked my scooter and headed towards the falls. A local guy came up and offered to tell me 'history of the place', of course with an intention of making money. I wasn't sure what great history a waterfalls will have that demands that we hire a guide to that effect- I declined his services and he went back, disappointed.

Next, I came across this check post- the guy here demanded a payment of IDR 20000- and he had a notebook register to keep track!

I took above picture on my way back- there were 3 other guests who came after me but there was further entry- My guess is the guys manning the counter may not be 100% honest with their job.

As I proceeded towards the fall, below one was what I saw first. A small falls. After a few clicks I walked further.

Below is the full view of the git git twin waterfalls. A nice platform is made from where this view can be enjoyed.

As I walked closer, I had to cross a small bridge. This bridge had broken hand rails.
WARNING: Never rest your hand or body on these rails- it can't support your wait- you risk losing your balance and may fall into the 10 feet deep river below. The location is too interior to get any timely medical help. Authorities should fix it immediately before any fatal injury.
There are many fresh streams of water oozing in. Carry your bottles and fill it up with the purest of water possible.
Then opened in-front of my eyes the main portion of the Git Git waterfalls. Some internet pictures show two streams of falls, but I could see only one when I visited in October. Still it was beautiful and worth all the effort.

Tried a bit of experiments with objects I could find in the vicinity.

A selfie- on mini tripod + timer

On my way back, noticed that there is another walkway, also marked Twin waterfalls (the right side signboard in below picture, I had gone left). The guy at the counter said this path will give another view and demanded another 20000 IDR to let me go that way, which I resisted and coaxed him to let me check it out. Another local person coming in the opposite direction said there are only houses and no waterfalls on this path. I wasn't sure whom to trust. In the interest of time, decided to return from Git Git falls without exploring the second path. You can try.
Parking fee is 2000 IDR, no receipt issued.

Overall the visit to Git Git waterfalls was totally worth the distance traveled. If you have a transportation at your disposal, do not miss this. (Renting a taxi for 80 kms one way and back will cost considerable money- if that is your option, club it with other places in the area such as rice terraces)

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  1. FABULOUS pics Shrini! Loved the slow shutter ones.

  2. It looks beautiful! And your Scoopy idea was brilliant

  3. @Vignesh-Yes, you can. Didn't see any boards prohibiting it. Very few people/no one else, so lots of privacy

  4. Your clicks are beautiful...Is this really the gitgit falls ? I was guided by locals to a gitgit waterfall with a very high drop and then cascades.You pass by bedugul temple to reach this fall right??

  5. I followed Google maps to reach here, so not sure about temple.

    There were many boards indicating Git Git waterfalls, so I am sure this is it-may be the high drop is further up which I didn't go...


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