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Unfolding the racing heritage-Grand Prix Museum, Macau

Grand Prix Museum is a must visit spot for racing fans who visit Macau. This museum, located close to ferry point is free to enter and is worth a quick stop. A wine museum is also attached to it.

Macau has been hosting car racing, particularly formula 3 types since 1950s, so has lots of history to write and stories to share.

I spent some time inside and below is a quick photo walk-through. Each of these cars have a history of their own- who drove them, which races they participated and won and so on.

This shining red car greets visitors of Macau Grand Prix museum. This car is a Triumph TR2, made in the 1950s, used in the very first edition of Macau Grand Prix.
 The legendary Ford Model T
 Entrance to Macau Grand Prix Museum
The photo op place, but entry is restricted. Few bloggers on FAM were allowed behind the barricade to have their photo clicked, but general public are not allowed the same. Even in Australia, those invited by tourism board can cuddle the Koalas while regular visitors can only get a photo clicked with them from a distance, without touching. So these things we should keep in mind that everything you read on travel blogs won't always be applicable when you go as regular tourist.

 Renault 2000 racing car (above)
Toddy VIP is a popular businessman and reportedly the key person behind Macau Grand Prix (more on wikipedia)
There is a motorbike section too (Macau grand prix will have both car and motorbike races)

Above: A BMW M3, which won the 1991 race
Below: A Porsche 911 rescue car
There was also a wine museum adjacent to Grand Prix museum. As wines were not my topic of interest, I only took a walk and came out.

The 2016 edition of Macau grand prix is planned for November 17 to 20. This will be the 63rd edition. The regular roads are used as race track by blocking traffic. There was this building right next to our hotel- I had initially assumed that to the the grand prix museum, but this one seems to be a monitoring room to be used during races

Key details about Macau Grand Prix Museum
Address: Rua Luis Gonzaga, 431, Macau (walkable from Fisherman's Warf)
Opening hours: 10 AM to 6 PM, Tuesday weekly off
Approx time: 1 hour
Entry Fee: Free till end of 2016, likely to be chargeable from 2017
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  1. Porsche and Heritage Car Together, all my favorites together under on roof !! This is So Amazing to visit ; is surely a treat to be in .

  2. @Lifestalker- yes

    @Pooja Bhatt- yes. Plan a visit soon

  3. I would love to see that museum, Shrinidhi! By the way, just yesterday I was watching an episode of Columbo - and in it, they push a canary yellow Triumph off a cliff. My heart broke with a loud snap! :-D

  4. @vidya sury- thanks for your comment... Sad to know about the fate of Yellow Triumph...

    Plan a visit to Macau and you can explore this and many other places


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