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Comparison- Tata Hexa vs Innova Crysta vs XUV5OO!

This post compares the newly launched Tata Hexa with its immediate competitors- Mahindra’s XUV5OO and Toyota’s Innvoa Crysta. I have driven the old Aria and new Hexa, I have driven the old and new XUV5OO (W6 variant). But I have not drive the Innova Crysta yet, but only its immediate previous model.  This post is outcome of my experience driving these vehicles and information available on their official website/channels. Depending on your expectation/usage and variant under consideration the actual experience may vary- please use your discretion.
Let us look at the statistics first.
Tata Hexa
Innova Crysta
Engine & Power
2.2 litre 156 PS (XT and XM, 150 for XE)
3 Engine options- 2.7 litre petrol, 2.4 and 2.8 litre diesel, power between 150 to 174 PS
2.2 litre and 1.99 litre (for NCR) with 142 PS power

Micro-Hybrid (Brake energy regeneration) tech available
Innova's 174 PS version will be very expensive- lets consider 150 PS version for comparison
6 Speed MT and 6 Speed AT
5 Speed MT and 6 Speed AT
6 Speed MT and 6 Speed AT

Price range (Ex-showroom, Delhi, approx)
Not known yet
15 to 22 lakhs
13 to 19 lakhs
Hexa pricing will be known in Jan 2017
Off Road Abilities
Yes, with HHC, HDC, ESP with rollover mitigation, LSD, Traction Control and Electronic Brake Pre-fill
Hill start assist & Vehicle Stability control available
ESP with rollover mitigation
ABS with EBD is standard in all
Water Wading Depth
450 mm
? What is that?
350 mm

Dimensions (L,W,H)
4788x1903x1791 mm

4735x1830x1795 mm

4585x1890x1785 mm
Hexa is longest, widest and just 4mm short of Innova’s height
Safety Features
ABS + EBD, Electronic Brake Pre-Fill, ESP, LSD, 6 airbags in top end variant

All Disc brakes
7 airbags in top end, 3 standard across range

Front disc, rear drum
Corner lighting (static bending headlamps)
6 airbags in W10

All Disc brakes

Entertainment features
Juke App, 10 unit JBL speakers
Standard music system with max 6 speakers
App support available, voice command

Interior/Comfort features
Manual Driver seat adjustment (8 way)

Tilt adjustment only

Follow me approach lamps

Instant on demand Rear Camera display (even while moving forward)
Keyless entry
Push button start

Tilt and telescopic adjustment

Second row tray table
One touch seat folding
Keyless entry
Push button start
Electronic seat adjustment (6 way) + 2 manual

Tilt and telescopic adjustment

Follow me home, lead me to vehicle lamps, light below the mirror,

Tyre pressure monitoring via app

Fancy features
Ambient lighting
Sun blinds
Ambient illumination,

Back door easy closing

Wood finish

Rear AC with display
Lounge lighting

Ground Clearance
200 mm
193 mm
200 mm

Driving Modes
4 driving modes in Manual

Freshness/Exterior looks
Fresh looks with macho appeal

5 years old design, doesn’t turn heads any more

Wheel base
2850 mm
2750 mm
2700 mm
Hexa’s longer wheel base makes it more stable and gives more cabin space, but adds to turning radius
Fresh in the market, driving modes
Larger, spacious
-Sedan like drive and comfort
-Proven reliability
-Available in Petrol
Feature loaded
Good off road community & activities at M&M

Needs more space to turn, park
Misses out on some features compared to competition

Pricing and variant wise detailed spec not known yet
-No 4x4
-Taxi Image
-Fully loaded variant will be too expensive compared to competition
Very little space for luggage with all 3 rows upright

Fuel Economy
15/14 (MT/AT)
16/14 (MT/AT)

Power to Weight Ratio (PS per Ton)
83.33 (93 for 174 PS version)

Turning Radius (m)
Hexa needs more space
Gross Weight (Kg)
Hexa is heavier

Fuel tank
60 Litres55 litres70 litres
Official Website
Tata HexaToyota BharatXUV5OO brochure
* Note that some information are sourced from public domain/internet when not available on manufacturer's official website. Please cross check for accuracy if such information are critical to your decision making.

Quick Summary: 
Tata Hexa is the new kid in the block- focuses heavily on driver comfort, thrill to drive aspect as well as passenger comfort, safety and entertainment.

But Hexa is relatively less agile with lower power to weight ratio, higher turning radius and also misses out on various cool features available with the competition- such as telescopic steering adjustment, sunroof, push button start, keyless entry and so on. But then, instead of these fancy features, Hexa gets some serious off road equipment, a driver focused system with 4 drive modes, efficient + sporty Autogear, a package of smart apps and an overall well balance package. Hexa offers the right combination of macho-SUV feel and comfort + convenience of a luxury sedan.

Hexa also gets a cheaper XE variant with less power, torque and naturally without various features, probably targeted at taxi market

Read about Hexa's Off road abilities here, differences between MT and AT here. A write-up on our bloggers meet and media drive is live here.  A full review of Hexa is available here 

Innova Crysta
The feature loaded top end Innova costs 25 lakhs on road or more, way beyond the possible pricing of Hexa and current pricing of XUV W10. I wouldn't spend 25 lakhs on an MPV, though it is feature loaded, highly comfortable and reliable vehicle. At 25 lakhs, it makes sense to go for a vehicle with SUV characteristics, so that occasional off-roading can be done and we can benefit from a bigger, stronger road presence of the vehicle. If you are comparing Crysta with Hexa or XUV you should consider a cheaper variant with 2.4 Diesel engine, which misses out on some of the fancy features mentioned in the brochure. Cheaper variant is highly focused on taxi market and not really ideal as a premium lifestyle vehicle.

XUV5OO from Mahindra family has been around for about 5 years now- had some technical issues in its initial days which are now sorted out. XUV is feature loaded and Mahindra keeps conducting lots of drives and off-road events for its SUV owners. Compared to Hexa XUV gets less power, smaller wheels and less 4x4 features.

Some features which are available in all 3- such as cruise control, electrically adjustable and foldable external rear view mirrors etc are excluded.

Disclaimer: All information as available on official websites during preparation of this post. Product specifications and pricing may change over time and variant wise features may differ.

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