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Frederiksberg Gardens, Copenhagen-Winter vs Summer

Frederiksberg Gardens is a large green garden facility in the heart of Copenhagen. It is located in Frederiksberg area- Copenhagen's most expensive and most sought after residential area. The garden is open almost all the time (It has fixed timing as per websites, but I find that gates are never locked, so if someone wishes to walk in early they can)

I had visited this garden earlier. This particular post- View of Copenhagen from Zoo tower has top views of the Frederiksberg garden. But I had not yet posted about the garden on its own. Now I am able to present you both winter and summer views in this post.

During my last visit, I had few hours before my flight. So I headed out very early to Frederiksberg Gardens to take some pictures. It had snowed all night but thankfully wind, rain and snowfall had stopped early morning hours allowing me to walk in with normal winter wear. Frederiksberg garden is a large 64 hectare facility. I explored only the main part of it, around the lake and palace building. Take a look at some of the early morning winter pictures after a snowfall.

Frederiksberg Palace is at the centre of the garden
Above: The frederiksberg Palace
Below- The snow cover around the lake

View from the Palace entrance
Same spot in a summer evening
View of the city
Walkway and trees
 As the daylight was breaking at a distance, I strained my camera to absorb as much light as possible and get some good pictures. I wanted to come back again later in the day after visiting other attractions on my list but that wasn't possible due to time crunch. I am glad I went there very early in the morning.

Hope you liked the photos. Frederiskberg Garden offers row boating and other activities during summer.  What I have seen is probably only a portion of it. There're more to explore. Wikipedia has the details.

Reaching there: Take Metro to Frederiksberg station, the garden is about a km away from metro. Cycles can be rented for a fee (App based services)

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