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The Round Tower, Copenhagen (Rundetaarn)

The Round Tower or Rundetaarn is one of the places in the heart of city that can give you scenic 360 degree views of the Copenhagen city. (Check this post for the other places from where you can get great view)
The Rundetaarn is located at a walkable distance from Norreport station. On my previous visits I couldn’t go to the top, but this time I did manage to visit the round tower and go to observatory on top too. This post shares the photos of Copenhagen clicked from top of Round tower and related details

Outside View
The church at the bottom 
Going up:
There’re no elevators, one should walk all the way up, along the wide spiral walkway which gradually takes you upwards. The final stage involves taking narrow stairs- about 20 steps I guess.
View of the city from top of the Round Tower (Rundetaarn)
Below photos show you the view of Danish capital from top of round tower. I have also included zoomed in photos on some major attractions.

Close up of some of the towers
The rooftops with some snow still left on them was a pleasant thing to see. (It snowed previous night)
Additional tip: As you step out of the stairs into open observatory, be vary of the strong winds. Before you realize your valuables might simply fly away if wind chooses to take them

Further up a few steps is a telescope and an observatory.
Entry Fee:
The round tower has a 25 DKK entry ticket. Free if you have Copenhagen Card. Copenhagen card costs 51 Euros for 24 hours, or 103 Euros for 5 days, gives you free access to 70+ attractions (but you can't cover all of them in few days) in Copenhagen and free public transportation. More details here.

Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM on most days, till 9 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Summer and winter schedules may vary- please check official website for latest info before planning your visit

History: Construction of Round tower began in 1636 and was completed in 1642. Complete history is readily available in Wikipedia

Cafe and play areas: Halfway through the way up, there's a library and cafe. A photo frame is also kept to help visitors get some pictures clicked.
Visiting Rundetaarn will be a good experience when you're in Copenhagen.

Nearby attractions: Rosenborg Castle * Copenhagen University Botanical Gardens *  


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