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10 Lesser known attractions to explore around Bengaluru!

Tourists visiting Karnataka often land in Bengaluru and head straight to popular cities like Mysuru, Madikeri, Chikmagalur etc. While these destinations have a charm of their own, this post aims to introduce several lesser known attractions just around Bengaluru town, which you should definitely visit. Most of these places are hardly crowded- you can explore it at your pace, relax and return home with memories.

1. Thattekere lake, Bannerghatta Road:
Tattekere is a small lake off Bannerghatta, some 38 kms from South Bengaluru. Thatte means plate and Kere means lake- the name of the lake is assigned for its shape which resembles a round plate. Thattekere is a nice place for relaxing, can be clubbed with your visit to Banngerghatta National Park or other nearby attractions. Road leading to the lake is little tricky and easy to miss. Be careful. Also there was an incident of crocodile attack here recently, so do not venture into water.

2. Thimmappana Betta, Ramanagara
Thimmappana betta is another lesser known place, getting some lime light only recently. Located off Ramanagara, some 60 kms from Bangalore, Thimmappana betta is a scenic spot accessible by road till its top. You can ride your bike on it, enjoy the scenery around (two sets of giant rocks are adjacent to it). You can also visit the famous Ramanagara temple, Kanva Dam, Big Banyan Tree, Manchanabele dam while visiting Ramanagara.
3. Maidenahalli (Jayamangali) Blackbuck reserve:
Maidenahalli is an open air deer park or black buck reserve, located some 120 kms from Bangalore city. Also known as Jayamangali, this place can be reached via either Tumkur road (Nelamangala-Dabaspete-Koratagere)- or via Doddaballapur-Gauribidanur side. We went via Yalahanka-Doddaballapur route. Don’t bother asking anyone about the place-most of the villagers we spoke to were clueless about the Maidenahalli reserve. Just follow the map till you see a display announcing the reserve. You will need a SUV kind of vehicle to navigate not so good roads or ride around randomly, in search of deers and blackbucks. No designated spot, so you should be lucky to spot the animals. Some forest department staff, if you happen to meet them, might guide you around more precisely.  A visit to Maidenahalli can be clubbed with other attractions in and around Tumkur- like Pavagada fort etc.

4. Leepakshi, AP
Leepakshi is popular for its stone carvings and temple complex, located just across the border in Andhra Pradesh. Lepakshi is about 100+ kms from Bangalore. Will excellent roads, it is just a matter of few hours. Makes a great half day trip.

5. Kokkare Bellur off Mysuru road
Kokkare bellur is a village full of birds. It is an open area popular with migratory birds. Be advised that there's no guaranteed spot or time to view the birds. 

6. Avala Betta 
Avala Betta is another weekend spot, almost close to Andhra Pradesh border. Those bored with repeated visits to Nandi hills will love this place. This rock is attracting huge number of people like crazy because of a protruding rock on which you can stand and get great pictures clicked.
7. Markonahalli Dam
Markonahalli reservoir and dam is a Sir M Vishveshwarayya time dam with clever engineering design that automatically releases excess water. Dam is built with mud, jaggery and honey. Reservoir and downstream area are good place to relax. Markonahalli also makes for a good diversion if you're heading long distance towards Hasana/Chikmagalur etc
8. Hesaraghatta lake and Nrithya Grama dance school:
Hesaragatta is a vast grasslands that doubles up as a reservoir during rainy season.  This place can get very photogenic if you go during sunrise/sunset time. Located nearby is Nrithyagrama dance school. Visitors can go inside (Rs 50 fee, opens 10.30 AM) and watch students practicing dance. The campus is nice too. A hotel and restaurant is available near  Nrithya Grama.

9.  Antaragange and big rock, Kolar
Antaragange area in Kolar has lots of rocks and caves.  Kolar is 90 kms from Bengaluru. With a guide, you can try cave exploration and rock climbing here. If you're into adventure biking, take a session on offroad riding at the Big Rock. Big Rock is owned and operated by CS Santosh, bike racing champion.
10.   Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Kanakapura
Off Kanakapura road, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a scenic spot. Great views of the forests around and some rocks and a temple for company. Keep an eye for possible elephant/wildlife presence. High ground clearance vehicles can be driven till top. 
Most of the above attractions are bit away from city, so do take your water supply and other essentials. You can keep your base in Bengaluru and visit all these places or chose to stay closer as well. Best would be to rent a bike or car from Bengaluru on self drive and explore at your pace/convenience.


  1. Nice list. Avalabetta is no more a lesser known place. Its crazily crowded on weekends. http://xplorewithus.blogspot.com/2017/07/weekend-getaway-55-avalabetta-trek.html

  2. Good to know, some these attracted me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for this share.. Got new place to explore that is Markonahalli Dam.. I am curious to know more about it and have live experience

  4. And I have not visited so many of these yet :(

  5. Badiya hai...but now they will not be lesser known having appeared on www.enidhi.net :)

  6. Kokre bellur was my school trip destination 20 years back :P
    Anatragange checked!
    Nrityagrama checked! 20 yrs back , when Protima Gauri celebrated Vasanta habba.
    Black buck reserve seems like fun, will check it out

    1. Thanks. Do check out the black buck reserve. All the best.

  7. Great list, Shri! Really want to visit that Nrithyagram!


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