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Thimmappana Betta Twin rocks, Ramanagara- Quick getaway from Blr

Thimmappana Betta is one of the hundreds of rock formations in the Ramanagar area in the outskirts of Bengaluru. This rock has come to limelight recently in 2017 due to easy accessibility till the top, without needing much trekking or climbing. Raviraj suggested this place when I said I have rented a Dominar and we can go for a short ride somewhere nearby.

Last Sunday morning we had a ride to Thimmappana betta, accompanied by few bikers from Bengaluru Bikers. This post shares some photos and details about the Thimmappana betta temple and rocks near Ramanagara.

Enjoyed clicking the Dominar on the rocks of Thimmappana Betta...

Key details to visit Thimmappana Betta:
  • Distance from Bengaluru (Banashankari bus stand): 60 kms
  • Destination to check in Google Maps: Thimmappa Swamy Temple, Kutgal
  • Directions: Mysuru road- Turn right at Ramanagara Signal- Follow directions on the map for Thimmappa Swamy temple
  • Facilities available: None. Carry water. Food can be had on Mysuru road
  • Time to Spend: Few hours/as long as you wish.
  • Road Condition: Good
  • Other nearby places: Kanva Dam, Ramanagara Temple, Savandurga 

Besides the rock, the greenery on all sides and fresh air is highly refreshing. View from the top of the town is also great. I missed to click a picture of it. At this moment the place is pristine, undisturbed and not at all crowded. Go before it gets too popular and crowded.

If you're skilled enough and your bikes permit you can ride on top of the rock. Be extra careful if it is raining or if your bike is not powerful enough or too heavy to handle. Advise going in group and not solo, just in case something goes wrong.
Thanks to those who went here earlier and shared information-our Sunday morning was well spent. Rain gods had mercy too as we got clear sky.
 Thanks to all bikers who gave great company! Sunday morning was well spent!
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  1. Replies
    1. Hampi rocks are another category altogether.. Can't climb on many of them, let alone ride..

  2. Wow! those rocks! And you can ride to the top? So cool!!
    If one were to walk up Thimmappana Betta, how strenuous would it be, Shrinidhi.

    I love your vehicle shoots and how you show places through them. Nice job, yeah!! :)

    1. No stress at all. Vehicle goes all the way to top, If you don't want to ride on the rock park nearby n walk. It is almost flat.

  3. Riding 'on the rocks'. Possible to climb with kids?

    1. Yes, possible to walk with kids. Vehicle (car) can go all the way to top, final bit can be climbed on foot


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