Best of eNidhi India this year- Top posts of 2017 - eNidhi India Travel Blog

Best of eNidhi India this year- Top posts of 2017

The annual ritual of listing some of the most popular posts of the year...If you're not a regular reader, you might want to read these posts.

Most read posts of 2017 from eNidhi India Blog

1. Skoda's buy now, pay next year scheme
This post has been the most popular one this year, widely read and also received lots of comment. I tried to mimic Skoda's ad- went out to buy a fruit and tried driving home in a new Skoda- miserably failed. Read to find more details how this scheme works

2. Long weekend Calendar for 2018
I am sure this has helped many readers plan their travel in 2018. If you've not planned yet, it is not too late. Get started now.

3. Lily Pool cottages at Evolve Back, Coorg
Evolve Back (formerly Orange County) owns some of the most luxurious resorts in Karnataka- in Coorg, Hampi and Kabini. I visited Kabini and Coorg properties this year. This post detailing the Lily Pool cottages where we stayed has been the most read post among all Evolve Back related posts I've written in 2017. Do check.

4. Paramotoring adventure on ECR
This new type of joyride off ECR was short n sweet. Hope many more enjoyed a ride after reading my post.

5. Ten Ways to Manage Vegetarian food abroad
Various tips on how to survive as vegetarian while touring abroad. This post got good number of views, indicating that lots of vegetarians are traveling abroad and could use related tips.
6. Cloakroom facility in Dadar station
Another most read post- again, because there was real need for this kind of Information.

7. Type of opportunities Bloggers should avoid
A set of tips for emerging bloggers- well received. Do read if you're a blogger.

8. Alpfly review
How does 10 airtickets for Rs 2200 sound? Cool- but is it that simple? Read my detailed review of Alpfly, a service that takes a lump sum amount upfront and issues last minute tickets, supposed to be at cheap rate

9. Rampuria Havelis of Bikaner
Visited in 2016 but blogged in 2017, the Grand Rampuria Havelis are a must visit while in Bikaner. Thanks to our host Narendra Bhawan Bikaner, we had a nice guided tour. Do check the post.

10 Silent Valley National park- Kerala's lesser known destination
This was a hidden gem- not much popular but totally worth visiting.

Most commented ones (excluding those already listed above)
1. Tips to manage time for blogging
If you feel you never have enough time for blogging, read this post. It gives some simple and practical tips as to how to extract time for blogging activities.

2. Traveling without DSLR- Pros and cons
Many of my trips this year was with just 7KG cabin bag and without DSLR- What did I gain, what did I lose- check this post

3. GoIbibo Go Cash- vicious trap
A nice trap where you've to spend 95% in the hope of trying to save 5%.

Why I prefer KSRTC over private buses
Many are under impression that anything run by Govt is bad. But KSRTC is at par with any private operator and a bit better. Read why I prefer them over private buses.

5. Ten lesser known places around Bengaluru
Have you visited these places in Bengaluru?

6 Tata Nexon driving Experience
Tata Nexon- how does it feel to drive? My review from media drive in Kochi!

7. Majestic Himeji Castle, Japan
White castle in Himeji, Japan has survived lots of wars, earthquakes and is a great spot to visit in Himeji.

8. One night at Marriott Hotel Kochi
My stay at ultra luxurious Marriott hotel wasn't super impressive- read to find out why.

My personal favorites
Bit difficult to pick my favorites from 200+ posts I've written this year, but I think below ones are the ones you should check out-either because they are unique/useful or because they are my favorites!

Bullet train Experience
With India slated to get Bullet train, understand why Bullet Trains are unique- what makes them incident free and how they're different from other train systems.

Content Strategy for 2018- Why you should blog less
It is easy to say blog more- but it is also important to grow an ecosystem around your blog. Read on.

Customer is no longer the king!
Customer is not really a king- how can you protect your interests?

Maserati Ghibli car review
The most expensive car I've driven till date...

Bali's longest and most spectacular ATV Experience
Had lots of fun at Bali's longest and most spectacular ATV Trail. Check the photos and videos.

Jeepneys of the Philippines
The legendary vehicles of the Philippines- world war 2 jeeps converted into mass transport vehicles- check the post for photos and details.

Tender Coconuts around the world- My findings
Availability and pricing of tender coconut around the world- my findings!

Jungle Lodges vs Orange County (Evolve Back) Kabini
A detailed comparison of Jungle Lodge vs Orange County (now Evolve Back) explaining which one is better and in what scenarios.

Japan Trip on low budget
How to manage your Japan trip in low budget!

10 Travel the world without quitting your job
Notes from my talk at one of the events.

11 My attempt to review facial beauty products
A humor post.

12 Agent Orange, Vietnam
A dangerous practice adapted by US to wipe out Viet Cong soldiers- a hard to digest piece of devastation.

13 Vietnam Tourist Scam alerts and my experience
There were lots of negative stuff about Vietnam, but my experience was very pleasant.

Read about my travel recap of 2017 in a separate post here. Which one is your favorite? Do comment below. Thanks for your readership and support.
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  1. Loved to read your blog posts. very informative.
    My most favorite Rampuria Havelis..., Silent Valley National park..., Tips to manage time for blogging, Traveling without DSLR- Pros and cons, Japan Trip on low budget...
    Keep sharing. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Rupam. You've been very regular in supporting my blog. Best wishes to you too and happy 2018

  2. I loved the Jeepneys of The Philippines too!!


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