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Photos of an abandoned Quarry near Chennai

Yesterday while riding on the outskirts of Chennai spotted an old abandoned quarry. With recent rains, it was full of water and the landscape appeared very photogenic. So I ended up spending some time in there clicking lots of photos.
Below are some good ones- take a look. Lots of red stone was extracted from this area leaving large craters that got filled up with water. A motorable path exists (made for trucks to move out the cargo) in between the pits so I could ride around.

Not sure why they leave a pillar like structure while quarrying- my guess is to get an estimate of how deep the water is.
Above: Shadow of the bike
Below: Apache bike in focus
 Presence of electric transmission tower added to the scenery- took some photos from close quarters

 Lots of buzzing sound under the tower.

And some panorama 
 I think I was a month too late- could have got better pics if I had gone in November

Few years ago I had written about Kendatti quarry near Kolar. Soon after police barricaded the place and denied entry


  1. Awesome views. Loved the post.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Can you tell me the exact location?

    1. Sorry, didn't note exact location.
      Also this is 2 years ago, the shape and size would have changed now depending on how much more quarrying is done here


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