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"How to achieve your dreams" workshop by Sangeeta Sumesh

It had been long time since I attended a full day workshop. About a month ago attended this one day workshop "How to achieve your dreams". Workshop was conducted by Sangeetha Sumesh, an author, performance coach and top executive at an MNC and helped attendees streamline their goals for 2018 and draft a detailed plan to get cracking.

The session started with understanding the difference between a mentor and a coach. A mentor will guide whereas a coach will facilitate. While coaching is a service (often chargeable) mentoring is usually not. A mentor has a deep personal connect, sort of seniority or proven expertise in the area to guide you towards desired results, by suggesting what exactly to do or not to do. A coach on the other hand is an enabler who hones your skills towards the desired objectives, helping with process and performance tips, not necessarily domain expertise or intuition guided advise.

Sangeetha defined the process of fulfilling your dream through a series of Ds. Each D meant for a specific objective and contains a set of guidelines. The idea was to break down a broad general wishlist into more specific points- measurable, achievable and realistic ones and then conquer them one by one.

Below are the 10 Ds we went through
  1. Dream-Documenting your dream in clear terms- what, when, how much etc
  2. Debate- like why, best ways to do, what could be the right target etc
  3. Discover- what's the right way, things done wrong way in the past etc
  4. Decide- why it couldn't be done earlier and can be done now
  5. Differentiate- Purpose of the goal, methods to achieve it, how to know if we're on right track etc
  6. Develop: Who/What help is needed? What is it we can do differently
  7. Design: Best way to achieve, monitor progress, handling setbacks etc
  8. Drive: What will keep the passion alive? How to keep tab on performance?
  9. Demonstrate: How will yo become aware of your capabilities? To whom you are going to prove yourself?
  10. Deliver- What is needed to achieve the target, what will make you give your very best, how will you feel after you achieve the goal to the best of your abilities?
Disclaimer: (No, this is not the 11th D!) High level insights as recalled from my notes, for reference only. Not to be considered as exact details of the workshop

I personally felt some of the above points had overlap- like Design and Develop usually go hand in hand. I guess it would vary depending on how complex or simple your dream is I suppose.

For the workshop, I selected the dream of writing a book and applied above principles to it. Making plan is the easy part-tough part is overcoming laziness and do the actual work. It is important for workshop attendees to put their learning into action, so that dreams truly materialize.

We were also advised to draw a metaphor that best describes or represents us. I drew this plane!
Last part of the workshop involved creating a visual board that represents our dreams. We were to collect images from magazines that best represents our dreams and ambitions. This is believed to b a very powerful tool that brings out hidden desires and inspires to work towards them. Dozens of magazines were destroyed but participants enjoyed the making of their dream board. Hopefully most will be able to fulfill their dreams in 2018. I made a dummy book itself!
The session was ably supported by Sangeetha's mother, who seemed to be a great marketer herself. 
About the Coach:
Sangeetha Shankaran Sumesh is an Executive Director and CFO in a finance company. She has been awarded many titles:
  • “Leading Women CFO in India” at Women Leaders in India Awards
  • “Innovator in Finance” at International Women Leaders Forum
  • “India’s most influential women in Finance” by rediff.com
  • “Jewel in the Crown” award by Punjab Association
  • “Shakthi Sadhana” award by Sudesi magazine
Sangeetha has authored a fiction book. I have written about her book here: A Glance at the Unknown.

Sangeetha is conducting workshops and coaching sessions on various topics and concepts, including iCANN, ATMANN etc. Keep an eye on sss.coach website for latest info. 

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