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Latest on the Airlineblog in November 2017

In case you've not been very regular on my AirlineBlog, here's a quick summary of major posts published in November 2017

1. View of Bali from the top

Clicked several photos of Bali from air, sitting by the window seat of my Malindo Air flight. It was great experience and the post has got lots of views. You don't want to miss those scenic photos of Bali. Check all the photos in this post.

2. Malindo Air vs AirAsia
I’ve compared the two popular airlines in the South East Asia for over 35 different aspects of flying. Check this post for detailed comparison between Malindo Air and Air Asia and understand which airline is better and under what scenarios. Read the post here.
3. Airline Blog gets listed under top 100 airline websites and blogs (worldwide).

4. Malindo to commence Bengaluru flights from December 21, 2017. 
Bangalore flyers can now connect to close to 50 destinations with Malindo- reasonably priced and includes baggage and food allowance. Checkdetails in this post.

5. Indigo’s ATR schedule
Indigo has added a fleet of ATRs which will now provide easy connectivity between Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Rajamundry, Tirupati etc. Check the schedule and fares

6. Quoted in Deccan Herald about air travel early November. You can read the entire article below.

7. What to do if you're affected by Bali Airport closure. - My practical step by step guide on how to make most of such unfortunate situations. Bali airport is now reopened after 3 days of closure and hopefully situation will be back to normal soon.

8. KLIA 1 vs KLIA 2
My quick comparison if you're wondering what's the difference between the two terminals in Malayaisa's main airport.

9. KLIA Jungle Board- 
A mini forest with waterfall right inside KLIA 1- check the photos

10. Posts about airline sales- not relevant now as the sale is over- had written about Go Air Sale, Air India's cheap flight to Port Blair and few more. If you don't want to miss such posts you may subscribe to the airline blog or follow me on the social media channels. (links at the top of this page)

Thanks for your never ending support and readership to my blogs.

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