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SLN Levista coffee grand launch in Chennai

I attended an interesting launch event yesterday at ITC Grand Chola Chennai. Karnataka based SLN Group which manages several coffee estates in Coorg has decided to enter the retail market and launching its own coffee brand, SLN Levista.

The launch event was well planned. Audience was entertained with traditional dance, sand art show, magic show, music etc before talking about the product. This way those who came for the launch were not bored to death with product information and had great entertainment.

Sand Art by Sangam Patel, Mumbai- This was the most exciting show for me. Award winning sand artist created lots of interesting arts for the audience, live. Watching his hands move on the sand and create amazing art work was a treat to the eyes. I wasn't aware of the elaborate activities that were planned, else would have taken a seat in front row. Below are some still images of the final art produced by Sand Artist Sangam Patel during the launch of Levista coffee.
Traditional Dance shows

History of SLN- SLN group has been in coffee business since 60 years. The grandparents of current bosses, N Sathappan and N Vishwanathan bought coffee estates in Coorg. SLN Group was thus born in Kushal Nagar, Coorg in 1977. So far they have been only growing coffee and exporting it. Now SLN group has decided to enter into coffee retailing with their own brand. Their aim is to grab 5% of coffee market share. SLN group is also into real estate, schools, fuel stations etc. SLN Group also won several state and national awards recently- including best Exporter award from Karnataka State Government.

Apparently they also have a resort in Coorg, but didn't reveal the name.

SLN Levista coffee will be available in 3 flavors
SLN Levista Coffee Chennai Launch- Product details
Coffee %
Chikori %
Price (50 gms)
Launch Offer
Rs. 119

Rs. 80
200 gm sugar
Rs. 69
200 gm sugar

MC managed the show well. Audience were encouraged to share their coffee story- men to make coffee for their family, few who drink 6 to 8 cups of coffee a day, those who shifted from tea to coffee because of their spouse and so on. MC herself claimed that coffee is the trick her mother adopts to make her get up from bed. SLN Levista is being launched in Chennai first. This will be followed by Bengaluru launch (December 7th). Promoters plan to expand pan India later and then even international after that. Best wishes to them.

Also met fellow bloggers Katie, Karthik during the event. Levista coffee will reach stores near you soon. Do check it out.


  1. Pricing is ridiculous.

    Very difficult for them to make into a regular family's house. This is strictly for the upper-class not the commoner.

    1. @mahesh- Let us see. Not much of an expert in coffee pricing, so can't comment much.

  2. Wow, Nice to read about SLN Levista coffee.
    Thanks for sharing.


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