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Unique Experience at Driven Cafe, Residency Road, Bengaluru

Driven Cafe in Residency Road, Bengaluru is a nice place to hang out if you're an automobile or Motorsports enthusiast. I visited this cafe couple of times last weekend and this post shares my findings- photos and notes.

First thing that you will notice as you near Driven Cafe are the luxury cars parked outside. Depending on how lucky you are and what car is available at the time of your visit, you may spot a Maserati Ghibli or some volvos S60/D40 etc.

As you step inside, you will be greeted by a fleet of ultra premium motorcycles. I saw a Beneli TNT 600, a 7 lakh+ motorcycle with 600 CC engine.

There were few more bikes around- Himalayan, Bullet and KTM 390. As I stepped inside, I could see a Triumph Tiger 800 XRX (14 lakhs approx on road)

Deep inside was another big bike- Triumph Thunderbird Storm. This bike costs INR 17 lakhs + on road.

Bikes appeared to be well maintained.

How much these superbikes cost to rent? 
Below is a quick reference:
  1. DST Beneli TNT 600 i:  INR 6500 per day (inclusive of GST)
  2. Triumph Tiger XRX: INR 8500 per day (inclusive of GST)
  3. Triumph Thunderbird Storm:  INR 13000 per day (inclusive of GST)
Note: Price for reference only, rounded up to nearest 500, taken from Driven.in and Royalbrothers.in . Price may vary based on weekday/weekend, km usage and other factors. There will be a speed limit (100 kmph) and daily usage limit (how many kms) and an accident liability of up to 25% of bike's value- Please check official sites for more details and terms and conditions

Notice that many bikes have TS (Telangana) state registration. I am guessing depending on demand they can move bikes around. If you are interested in a bike listed under Hyderabad fleet only and not available in Bengaluru, check with them if they can provide it in Karnataka

Driven Cafe Bengaluru- Menu. Lots of beverages and few snacks are on offer while you indulge in your auto talk with your peers. Nice music will give you company.
 The seatings represent bike and car seats
Sugar packets, straws and spoons etc are kept in a toolbox like container.

Few miniature models- very creative 
Few cycles were also available. Customers can rent these cars, motorbikes and cycles from driven cafe on selfdrive basis. http://driven.in/ is their website. I couldn't find an option to book- it only has a phone number to call but fleet information, rental and other details are available.

Driven Cafe is available in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Vishakapattanam (Vizag). They are planning to expand into other cities.

Things to note:
No WiFi. There was a sticker announcing WiFi and network was visible but staff won't share password. I was told it is Work in Progress.

They claim the cars/bikes will NOT have logos and they will feel like your own car- I think this statement is not necessary. Black and Yellow number plate is an instant give away that it is a rented vehicle. Also the cars I saw had logos on them.
Overall Driven Cafe is nice place to hang out if you love automobiles. The Bengaluru branch of Driven Cafe is located towards the end of Residency road, opposite Gateway hotel. Driven is a very unique concept for a cafe, there're not many cafes with similar concept, except for Fiat Cafe in Domlur. When in Bengaluru, do check out the driven Cafe.

October 2019 Update:
I see an "Arriving soon" message on all supercars on driven.in website- guess they are not renting them anymore and offering only regular vehicles.
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