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Heritage Transport Museum, New Delhi

As part of our Tata #TigorStyleBack media drive, we had short stopover at the Heritage Transport Museum, located on the outskirts of Delhi, in Manesar, Gurugram (no one is actively using this new name for Gurgaon)

As we entered the campus, we were greeted to above Christmas tree.. err a tree with all kind of signal lamps. They were switched off when we entered but little later they were turned on.

A few old train engines and tracks and track shift levers stationed outside the museum, we spend some time around them before going in.

The ticket counter is a nice Morris Mini converted into a table. Supplemented by a nicely coloured set of old tyres

Sofas with car and race car impressions

The Museum is spread across 3 floors. I began from the top most one. These ultra colourful vans and metadoors were main attraction in top floor, followed by some scooters

Shining bullet

A scooter with dozens of mirrors! Very creative. There was also a Contessa classic with one rupee coin pasted all around it.

Came down by a floor, was treated to the sight of various modes of transportation popular in olden days- some even now. Take a look

Above: A motorcycle powered carriage
Below: Tempo Hanseat- Tempo hanseat is still in operation in many parts of North india- particularly Pathankot area. Check my earlier post on them here

Jugaads- vehicles made from spare parts of other vehicles like jeep, tractor, generator etc- read more about them in my earlier post here. Illegal vehicles put very popular in rural north India- UP, Punjab etc for their cost effectiveness.

Lots of vintage cars are on display

 Below car was used in the movie-Dil To Pagal Hai, customized by Dilip Chabria

Heritage Transport Museum also has an aircraft

The section showcasing old trucks and buses as well as various kinds of hand pulled carts were also interesting. An entire train compartment is also showcased inside the museum.
 A cafe is available in house for quick refreshments.

Key information about Heritage Transport Museum, Delhi:
Heritage Transport Museum,
Bilaspur-Taoru Road (Major District Road 132 off NH8
Bilaspur Chowk, Taoru, Gurugram, Haryana 122105

Opening Hours: 10 AM till 7 PM
Entry fee: Rs 400 for adults, Rs 200 for children/students/school visits. (Heritage Transport Museum is not a government owned once, hence entry fee is on the higher side)
Contact: Mob: +91- 9871667018,  Email: info@heritagetransportmuseum.org
Official Website http://www.heritagetransportmuseum.org/

Our visit to this museum was part of the Tata Motors #TigorStyleBack event and entry was taken care by the event organizers. Photos and opinions are my own. Read Bhushavali's review here

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  1. Drama king with that railway track picture. :-)

  2. That Christmas tree looks amazing :)

  3. शानदार जगह से परिचय कराया।

  4. I remember this beautiful place with such unique displays!! totally bowled over the truck art and palanquins! lovely pics Shrini! you reminded me to blog about it :P

  5. Have heard a lot about this place and this is the first time I'm seeing the pictures. Fantastic collection made even more interring with your photos and captions.


  6. I love Haritage cars. Thanks for posting these cars. Fastastic collection.


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