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2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar India-Start Planning

My previous long weekend calendars, published for 2019, 2018 etc have been very popular. Happy to extend this kind service for the officer goers for next year. 2020 is 5 months away. If you are beginning to wonder where to go next year, here's the guide for you, listing all long weekends possible in 2020. It is always better to plan ahead well, take advantage of lower fares, than scramble last minute for options.

Unfortunately in 2020 Republic Day, Independence Day, Onam, Dasara, Durga Puja all fall on weekends- such a waste! Another 3 holidays fall middle of the week- you can make a 5 day or 9 day trip if you can get 2 or 4 days off that week. Thankfully rest of the holidays are on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or Friday, making it easier to plan a long weekend trip.
Above calendar only considers major holidays- do check for your regional, state level or company level leave calendar for precision planning- there will be few more state level holidays, you could be able to avail some optional leaves. All the best and happy traveling.

2020 Major world events:

  • 2020 Olympics in Japan - July 24- August 09
  • T20 Cricket World Cup in Australia, October-November 2020
  • 2020 World Expo, Dubai- October 20
  • US Presidential Elections - November 2020

Some airlines have already started sale of discounted tickets for first half of 2020- like Srilankan's 25% off, Indigo Sale, Air Asia sake etc. Stay tuned to Airlineblog.in for cheap flight deal alerts.

Feel free to share this with your friends/colleagues and start planning together.


  1. Great , very useful.
    Thanks for the details.

  2. I saved your weekend calendar for holiday planning. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is a life saver! esp for the hubby! :) Thanks and appreciate the effort you put in this!

  4. Hi,

    Just checking, are holidays that falls over the weekend are not transfer to the following Monday?

    1. No such scheme in India... Does it work like that in your country? (which country?)


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