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Everve Motors EF1 Luxury Electric Scooter

Everve Motors, a Pune based startup has introduced EF1, a luxury electric scooter. A prototype was showcased during Auto Expo 2020 in Delhi and commercial launch is only expected towards end of 2020.
Key specifications of Everve Motors EF1 Luxury e-Scooter
  • Motor: 3.3 KW and 5 KW
  • Weight: GVW: 260, Kerb: 110, Payload: 150
  • Charges in: 5 hours, Fast Charging (0-50%): 1.5 hours
  • Battery: Dual, Life span: 5 years, Weight: 12 kg each
  • Charging: 5 Amps
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Top Speed: Up to 110 km/hour, electronically limited to 90 km/hour
  • 0-60 speed in: 8.73 seconds
  • Brakes: Racing grade, with ABS
  • No of Variants: Two 
  • Price: Not known as of now.
  • Range: Not known as of now, info awaited
Everve Motors EF1 was reportedly conceptualized and built in 3 months. (Ather has spent years researching till they finally launched)- Is this a great thing or a mistake we don't know. We will know only when product (EF1) reaches hands of customers. We are yet to see Emflux One, an electric Sports Bike that was supposed to be launched long back.

Everve Motors is funded by Reddy Customs.

Approximate launch date: Last quarter of 2020

Everve EF1 looks stunning. Reminds me of Suzuki Burgman street. Feels like Everve doesn't intend to compete in commuter segment of EVs like Bajaj or TVS ( 1 lakh rupee bracket). Everve EF1 will probably priced at a premium- say 1.5 lakh rupees (just guessing). However it is still a concept, need to wait till actual product is on the streets. Market dynamics will change in next 1 year as more and more manufacturers are introducing electric two wheelers giving consumers more choice. All the best to Everve EF1.

Here's how Everve EF1 compares with potential competition
Everve EF1
Suzuki Burgman
Ather 450X
3.3/5 kW
 125 cc
3.3/6 kW

Top speed
110 kmph
(limited to 90)

80 kmph

Not known
NA-add petrol & keep going
85 km

Not known
 90 k on road approx
1.35 lakhs+ subscription

Smart Connect?





I am awaiting answers to some questions from the company- will update once I get them.
  • Range is not announced
  • Not clear which all cities Everve will launch first- most probably Pune/Mumbai and then Delhi, just guessing.
  • Will Everve be planning any public charging points like Ather Grid?
  • Will there be any monthly subscription fee?

Photos and details by the company. Analysis is mine.

Update: Haven't got any response from Everve Motors PR on some questions I had sent.
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