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Quantum Universe Launch Chennai!

Yesterday I attended a launch event and press meet, which was boring and the content and plan presented even appeared fraudulent to be honest. Lots of examples from vedic science, puranas and other ancient script were used to establish that we had accurate prediction scientific matters thousands of years ago, even before they were established scientifically in 20th century. This was followed by a grand proposal for world peace. I would have usually ignored such events and not write anything about it, but this one I felt I should document because of following reasons:
  • Their scheme may soon propagate among public to make people enroll and spend money. So correct information will help people make right decision.
  • Ten years later, if they were genuinely correct and successful, (or it turns out to be a flop), this post will serve as a reference if I was right or wrong.
What are they proposing under 'Quantum Universe'?
  • 'Intention' makes all the difference- it is important to have good intentions at heart.
  • We are told they have built a device which can receive positive energy from cosmos and distribute it to people.
  • Quantum Universe plan to build some 600 centres all around the world, installing this device, receive energy and distribute it, covering 30% of world population.
  • This way they can cure all illness, diseases and other problems world is facing. (They claimed even corona virus can be cured this way)
  • Quantum Universe will use technology + spirituality for world peace. (They found a nice niche to capitalize on)
  • Quantum Universe needs people's help in this mission- everyone were asked to sign up at Quantumuniversity.in but the site is not live yet and has gone into scheduled maintenance on the day of launch itself.
4-5 speakers spoke a lot for 2.5 hours, above is the sensible essence I could extract.

A small scale model of their vision of 'Quantum Universe' was shown to attendees- looked like a high school student's science project, but I leave it to you to decide. - Photo courtesy- Sarath Babu. The computer like things in the bottom are the device they have built, the black sticker represents universe/stars from where energy will be received and inner sphere seems to be earth which will benefit from this energy!
We were told Quantum Universe people will help solve our problems in life- looks like a scheme popularly offered by babas and spiritual leaders who are good at manipulating believers into thinking they got something great. May be I am wrong but probably I am right.

Quantum Universe will also run programs like cosmic healing etc. Full details are not available yet as the website launch seem to have technical issues.

Who are the people behind this?
Dr Aathmeshwar Swamiji, Mr. Sunny, Dr Jacqueline and few more people. Dr Aathmeshwar Swamiji was the main person, who runs a Sathya Yoga centre in KK Nagar (https://sathiyayogam.com/). He said his team executed the idea of Quantum Universe in a short span of 54 days. I could not find much information about them on the net, so use your discretion. Room had several people wearing Quantum Universe T- shirt- understandably other staff and supporters of this program who were main people clapping after various key points in presentation.

I would have left from the venue within first 30 minutes but some good food from Tea Villa Cafe- mini burgers and some juice kept me going for some more time. But even at 9 PM when the drama didn't end I had to leave.

My concerns:
To me the whole program looked like an attempt to become another AOL or Isha Yoga kind of chain. Establishing centres around the world, running paid programs to people who believe a certain ritual/practice or prayer will cure all problems and lead them towards success in life.

The claimed device was not shown in launch event- it was kept a secret. Not very clear if it is patented or validated by scientists for its intended function and effectiveness. No technical specifications like range of transmission, how much energy it can hold etc revealed.

Not sure how the program to launch 600 centres around the world will be funded. Is there a sponsor, are they counting on Govt funding or it will be funded by people signing up for their programs.

May be I am wrong and being unnecessarily skeptical- that their intention is genuine and program is honest. No harm trying some new ideas, technology or methodology.Or may be my suspicion is well reasoned and this may end up in something fishy. If they start enrolling people with false promises and hopes, only make lots of money for themselves without delivering any practical, real world results, then it will have to be labeled as a fraud. I don't have answers at this moment, just had to report what I saw and felt. Use your discretion.

Here's what Karthik Murali feels about the event.

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