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B:live Pondy ebike tours- FAQs answered

I had seen B:Live during GITM at Goa last year. Recently I got an opportunity to experience their tour in Pondicherry. This post provides answers to some common questions you may have about B:Live ebike tours. I will write a separate post detailing my experience.

B:Live ebike tours: FAQs
1. Who/What is B:Live?
B:Live is an experiential tour company with presence in several cities- Goa, Pondichery etc. They have a set of electric cycles. Guests will be taken out on a short curated cycling trip around town, with an expert guide explaining key attractions. Visit https://www.blive.co.in/ to know more.
2. What kind of bikes does B:Live have?
Take a look below. These are almost bicycles, but with a battery and a motor, capable of powering themselves. Motor is inside the rear wheel hub assembly, so hard to notice. You can cycle as well. The closest I could find on Amazon India is this one, costing about 38000 INR
In Pondy B:Live had two types of ebikes- one with fat tyres, disc brakes and gears, while other were regular cycles with battery and motor.

3. What is the top speed of B:Live ebikes?
24.9 kmph. I think these can go a bit faster but limited to 25 kmph. This is because ebikes up to 25 kmph do not need registration, riders don't need license etc- makes it lot simpler for both operator and customers.

4. What is the range? How far can these eBikes go?
I am told they have a range of about 50 kms, more than enough for within city usage for a day.

5. Can't we just rent the bike n go around on our own?
No. B:Live is not renting these. You've to book a tour and travel in group along with your captain.
On your own you may not be able to spot lesser known attraction. B:Live is in the business of giving unique experiences to their customers, not giving vehicles on rent.

6. How Long the B:live ebike tours last?
Approximately 2.5 hours.

7. What is the cost of B:Live ebike tours?
B:Live ebike tours cost INR 1500 in Pondicherry. Price may vary by city, by trail (like Goa has 2-3 different tours) etc. Some tours cost more, 2000-2500 INR

8. What all are included in B:Live ebike tours?
  1. Provision to ride fully charged ebike during the tour
  2. Services of a guide who will take you around, showing lesser known places and explaining their history.
  3. Drinking water
  4. Refreshments (tea/coffee, light snacks)
  5. Breakdown support, in case of any issues with the vehicle
  6. First aid in case of injuries.
9. What are the timings for B:Live ebike tours?
Please check with B:Live- the rides are done either during early morning or during afternoon. If you have specific time preferences they may be able to adjust.

10. What places do they cover in Pondy as part of ebike tours?
We were taken to Tamil colony, Muslim colony, white town, Raj Bhavan/Bharati Park (from outside), Gandhi Statue, two main churches of Pondicherry, Ganapathi temple (from outside), INTACH Pondichery office etc.

We couldn't visit Paper mill and Aurobindo Ashram as these were closed.

Note: eBike tour doesn't take you to out of town destinations such as Paradise Beach, Chunnambara backwaters or Auroville.

11. How many eBikes does B:Live have?
As of now I was told B:Live has 5 ebikes in Pondichery, more expected next week. If you have a larger group tour can be done in 2-3 batches may be.

12. If we are not taking B:Live tours, what are the next best options to explore a city?
  • Rent a bike/cycle, chart your own course and explore
  • Hire auto/walk
  • There could be other tour operators providing half day/full day city tours
Is B:Live ebike tour worth it?
  • Yes- it is eco friendly and doesn't harm environment. 
  • B:Live guides are well experienced and can show hidden/lesser known places not known to many tourists and hard to locate on our own.
  • INR 1500 doesn't feel expensive if you consider the uniqueness of the experience and value proposition.
  • Some refreshments, break down assistance and first air/medical support is available in case of emergencies. You will be fully taken care during the 2-3 hours you spend with B:live team.
13. What all cities do b:live operate in?
  1. Statue of Unity, Gujarath
  2. Fort Cochin
  3. Coorg: Virajpet, Madikeri
  4. Mysuru
  5. Rajasthan: Jodhpur and Jaipur
  6. Pondichery
  7. North & South Goa
14. Where to book b:live ebike tours?
Head to blive.co.in

15. Can two people sit on a e-bike?
No. These are made for single rider only. A sling bag will be given to keep your stuff. No carrier on the bike either.

16. Are there kids bike?
No. I didn't see any. Essentially ebike tours are suitable for teenagers and adults. Not for too small kids, not for very elderly people.


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