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TVS XL, Jawa, Ather escooter rental in Benglauru by Royal Brothers

 I have written about Royal Brothers Bike rental earlier. Recently I noticed that they have revamped their bike lineup. I found some interesting bikes/scooters on their rental list, for Bengaluru city. Couldn't resist a post telling about them.

01. TVS XL Heavy duty rental for about INR 280 per day.

Was very surprised to see a TVS XL Heavy duty being listed for rental. For under 300 Rs (plus fuel extra) you can move around BLR. XL Heavy duty is not stylish but an ideal vehicle for moving some goods around and is a simple two wheeler. I have seen some TVS XL rentals (yellow numbers on black plate ) in Hampi but seeing them in BLR is nice. I have a more detailed post about TVS XL super here. I hope what Royal Brothers has listed is the new 100cc BS4/BS6 unit and not old 70cc ones.

But note that while TVS XL Heavy duty is the cheapest petrol vehicle on rent on Royal Brothers platform it is not the cheapest and best vehicle for your needs. ONN Bikes has Activa like vehicles for about INR 168 per day.

02. Ather, Yobikes and Pure EV Electric scooters

Fancy buying an eBike? May be you should rent it for a week, use it and see if it really works for you. Royal Brothers has added 3 different electric vehicles to their fleet, including the more popular Ather. For 300 to 600 Rs a day you can ride around pollution free and experience the silence and effeciency of e-scooters.

I hope Royal Brothers executives charge these e-scooters fully before giving delivery. For petrol vehicles they claim to give full tank but in most cases you will get empty tank. If you get a escooter without enough charge then next 5-8 hours you have to keep it for charging. That will defeat the whole purpose of using it to go around.

My posts on electric two wheelers:03. Jawa Standard:Almost every two wheeler rental company has a bullet on its fleet. But not many have the new rival-Jawa. RB has added a Java standard.Royal Brothers also have BMW 310, RE Himalayan, Yamaha MT 15, Harley Davidson and other bikes on rental. You can check their website for details. I have listed what caught my attention.Points to note:
  • Above rates are weekday, from 9 AM till 8.30 AM next day. Weekend rates may differ.
  • 18% GST Extra on display price. Fuel is yours and any damage extra penalty applies.
  • Long term rentals available and will cost less on per day basis.
  • Speed limit applies- if crossed, extra penalty (I think 60 kmph for scooters and 100 for bikes)
  • Note daily usage limit- extra per km charge applies.
  • Most of these bikes are only available in Bengaluru, not in other cities where Royal Brothers operate.
Next time when I visit Bengaluru, I will try some of these electric scooters. 



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