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'Lotus in the Stone' by Anuradha Goyal: Book Review

Lotus in the stone is a book by Anuradha Goyal. The book is about India's spiritual centres- temples, rituals and the hidden charm and influence they have on the people. I got a complementary copy of this book for review purpose, took almost a month to read it but finally here's a brief review, aimed to help you understand what to expect from this unconventional and highly purposeful book.

The first chapter gives the context- author's temple visits during her life n times, how Kumbh Mela is a unique experience, some local connects in Ayodhya and so on. It sets ups the perspective and helps us understand the background with which author has scripted rest of the book.

Next chapter explains the experience in Varanasi, Goa, Kerala. Each subsequent chapter dwells deep into various destinations, epics and stories that we don't get to hear often. The level of detailing done by the author, a derivative of her passion into the subject, personal detailed travel experience and additional research done for the book shows up clearly in the script. Just that as a reader you should have adequate interest in the matter, else most of the detailing will flow over your head. I didn't knew that Shivalinga in Madikeri's Omkareshwara temple was bought from Kashi and several such information bits. It could be Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan or caves of Ajanta and so on, there are 100s of temples, towns and destinations covered in the book with information not publicly available.

Page 102 was interesting to me as it details Udupi Sri Krishna temple in my hometown. If I reveal all the details in review you won't have motive to buy a copy. Do get your copy and find out what hitherto unknown things author may have written about popular temples you might have visited or places near your town.

What is good in Lotus in the stone:

  • Great collection of personal experience, unique facts, historical information and narration of detailed insights often missed by regular tourists.
  • Information you can use during your next visit to a religious or spiritual destination- without the information detailed in the book, you would just be another tourist visiting main attractions, doing touristy stuffs and coming back. If you read Lotus in the stone, you can take note of information that interests you or additional details that you want to explore, which you can include in your plan whenever you visit these places next time.

What is not good or rather not the objective of the book: Lotus by the Stone is not a fiction. So  suspense/romance or thriller are not possible in this book. Lotus in the stone is for those who are seriously interested in understanding India's spiritual and religious details.

Key details:

  • Title: Lotus by the Stone
  • Author: Anuradha Goyal
  • MRP: INR 399/USD 19.95
  • Publisher: Garuda Prakashana
  • Pages: 206
  • ISBN: 978-1-942426-34-9
  • Amazon link

If you are interested in India's history, cultural and religious background in extensive details, do grab a copy of Lotus in the Stone. There are over 33 crore gods in Hindu religious, so there is always something new we can learn, visit and understand.

Had a brief opportunity to meet Anuradha Goyal in Goa last year. She is one of India's senior most travel bloggers, has written cover note for my book "World Travel in Low Budget". I wish her all the success for her book.

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