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Most Popular posts of 2020

This year I have blogged less, just about 150+ posts compared to last year's 200+.Out of those, below are the most read and most commented ones- if you were too busy to read all my posts, you might want to take a look at these at least.

Most read posts of 2020

1. NVY Branded Smart TV Review

Bought a TV for our home- decided to trust an unknown brand that cost about 11k. Working fine so far. This post about the TV got lots of views.

2. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Bullet got its BS6 upgrade and this post about the same got good number of views.

3. Delhi to London bus ride 

4 more months to go- got a mail that price has increased. Need to see if this trip happens as per plan given that Covid situation is yet to stabilize

4. Possible reasons for Zoomcar refund issue

Written originally few months ago, refund issue still haunting Zoomcar customers. Hopefully 2021 will be better.

5. Pillangoviya Cheluva Krishnana

A Kannada to English translation of a popular poem on Lord Krishna

6. My Bike Accident

7. Home invertor setup

Wrote two posts- one on FAQs and one on purchase guide.

8. Salumarada Timmakka tree park

A recently inaugurated tree park near Manipal

9. Caravan hire experience

Rented a caravan for a day and rode around- this post shares my experience

Most commented posts of 2020 (other than those already listed above)

1. Career break experience

Brief about my 1.5 years of break from corporate life and trying freelancing stint.

2. Best beaches of Udupi district

Udupi's best top 10 beaches list and details

3. Karnataka govt launches Caravan tourism

Do let me know if any specific post caught your attention or you found them very useful

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