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2020 Travel Summary- 41% around the globe despite the pandemic!

2020 is not an year to write about travel. I could travel only about 41% of the world (as per google maps) as against 3.2x around the world in 2019. Corona abruptly spoiled all travel plans and most of us are home confined in 2020.

Still it is end of 2020 and I am happy I could have a bit of travel despite the pandemic.

Here's a quick snapshot of my travel in 2020.

#1 January: Home town (Udupi, Book launch), Shivamogga, Bengaluru and back to Chennai.

Travel to Hyatt Dharamshala, this year's only sponsored luxury stay.

#2 February: Short trip to Muscat, Oman, only international trip of the year, returned to India couple of weeks before lockdown kicked in

#3 March: Back from Muscat, Chennai local and short trip to Pondichery

#4 #5 April, May: No travel (lockdown)

#6 June: Bike ride from Chennai to Udupi, home quarantine

#7 July: Udupi local- various beaches of Udupi, several temples and more

#8 August: Day trip to Mulki, 3 days bike trip to Sirsi, Kumta, Yana, Honnavara

#9 September: Bike ride to Sagara that ended up badly

#10 October: No travel- visit to hospitals and office

#11 November: Short visit to Sagara & Shivamogga

#12 December: Weekend trip to Bengaluru, Udupi local

Only 6 flights during all of 2020, only 2 countries and just 4 states in India: Probably my lowest count in past 10 years. Had booked several tickets in AirAsia sale but all of them are sitting in credit shell now.

Have booked a car with all the travel budget saved and hoping for more travel in 2021. Despite relatively low travel, I am happy about 2020 because of following reasons:

  • Survived and recovered from a bike accident
  • Me and my family didn't get infected with Covid-19
  • Got to spend reasonable time with family- for the first time in 25 years I got to spend about half an year with family. It always used to be short visit.
  • With all the money saved by not traveling, I might be buying a car in 2021
  • Didn't file income tax return all through the year and survived (filed in Jan 2021)

How was your 2020 in terms of travel?


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