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Free to visit attractions in Muscat

Here's a list of all free to visit attractions in Muscat city. While there are a few ticketed attractions, several places of interest can be explored without having to spend money on entry ticket.

1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Muscat's primary attraction, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque open to non-Muslims from 8 AM till 11.30 AM between Saturday and Thursday. A detailed post on Grand Mosque is available here

2. Mutrah Fort
Small fort near Mutrah Souq with lots of cannons, guns and a scenic view of the harbor and city. Check my detailed post on Mutrah Fort here.

3. Al Alam Palace
Al Alam Palace is one of the six residences of Oman's ruler.  Visitors can't go inside- can be seen from outside only.
Royal Emblem of Oman
4. Education Museum
Education Museum might be interesting to those who would like to understand how Oman's education system has evolved over time. Entry is free, one portion we can photograph while other portion is restricted for photography.

Can be skipped if you're not  much interested about the topic.

5. Shiva Temple
About 1.5 kms from Muscat National Museum, the small Shiva temple is said to be 300 years old. But when we visited it wasn't really impressive in any way- looked like a small temple. Use your discretion.

6. Muscat Gate Museum
Muscat Gate Museum is located on top of muscat gate- a structure built across the highway. Entry is free and has some exhibits showcasing Oman's history, a cut view of Omani house etc

Above: Scale model of grand mosque at Muscat Gate Museum

7. Qurum beach
Qurum beach is a popular beachfront in Muscat. There're several hotels including Ramada, Crowne Plaza etc near Qurum beach. Qurum beach has a nice garden and picnic area, water is shallow and good for a swim except in few areas. Coffee shops including starbucks are available on the beach road. Ideal for an evening stroll. No buses till Qurum beach- you've to walk a km or two from Opera House bus stop.

8. Qurum Park
9. Mutrah Souq
Mutrah Souq is a popular shopping area but be advised items are overpriced almost 2x compared to what same item may cost in say Lulu Hypermarket.
10. Riyam Park
Riyam Park is around the Riyam Incense Burner. Has restrooms, kids play area, band stand etc.

Most of the above places are situated around the road between Mutrah Souq and Al Alam Palace. If you are comfortable walking  10-12 kms you can take a bus (Number 4) from Ruwi bus stop, get off in front of National Museum (opposite Al Alam Palace), explore all destinations one after another and walk all the way back to Mutra Souq. Will be good exercise and cost effective way to explore Muscat. Of course you can hire a taxi, take bus ride or book a half day city tour for better convenience.
Only Grand Mosque and Qurum beach are a slightly away.


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