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Cannons, Gun and Amazing views from Mutrah Fort, Muscat Oman

Mutrah Fort is one of the few forts accessible to tourists in Muscat, Oman. The other forts such as Al Mirani fort, Al Jalali fort etc are not open for tourists to go to top. We have to see from outside only.

Mutrah fort is at a walking distance from Mutrah Souq. It is open to public free of charge. Timings are 9 AM till 4 PM.

Mutrah fort is built in 1580 by the Portuguese for military purposes.

What to see on top of Mutrah fort?
Cannons: Several French and British cannons are positioned on the fort. Brief history of these cannons are displayed. They are of different size and capacities, aimed at enemy ships in the ocean.
Watch tower: Enjoy panoramic view of the port from Mutrah Fort Watch tower
A massive machine gun at the top aims at the ocean. Looks like the trigger part is dismantled- couldn't identify how to fire this. Setups exist to rotate and tilt the gun for better aiming. Thick metal shield also protects gunner from enemy fire.

Mutrah Fort offers amazing view of the harbor.

Mutrah Fort is a must visit when in Muscat.

How to reach: Take Bus Number 4 from Ruwi Bus station. 200 Baisa (INR 40) is one way ticket. Get off at Mutrah Souq and walk to fort. Use map or take help from locals if needed.
Time to spend: 1 hour max


  1. Awesome post and gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing this post and such details about the packages. Thanks once again.

  2. Lovely vieews and frames. seems like the fort is not too large.


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