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How much visiting Oman will cost? Muscat on budget

This post is designed to help you plan your trip to Oman in an economical way. This post explains how much various things cost in Oman, so that you can budget accordingly.
How much traveling to Oman costs?
1. Flights: 12-20k INR
Return ticket from India to Muscat can cost between 12000-20000 INR. I flew from Chennai for 12300 return on an Air India sale. Normal fare is about 15000. Depending on which city you fly out of, be ready to spend about 20k on flight. GoAir, Indigo and Air India express may have lower fares from Kochi, Kannur, Mumbai etc. More than 25k, I would suggest wait for a better deal.

2. Stay: Approx 2000 INR per day
Muscat doesn't have cheap hostels. I would have loved to save some money and stay in hostels that cost lot less than hotels. Air Bnb had some women's hostel. Air BnB has cheaper bedrooms but a cleaning fee is added. Overall budget around 2000 INR per night. If you are lucky you may manage for about 1500 INR as well.

3. Food: INR 1000 per person per day.
Food is affordable in Oman. Below are the typical cost of various items

  • Tea: 0.1 to 0.2 Rials (INR 20-40)
  • Meals: 1 to 2 Rials (INR 200-400)
  • Items like Idli, Dosa etc: 0.5 to 0.8 Rials (INR 100-160)
  • Tender coconut: 400-500 baisa (80 to 100 INR)
  • Burgers: 0.7 to 1 rial
  • Cup noodles in supermarket: 0.3 to 0.4 rial INR 60 to 80)
  • Water bottle in supermarket: 0.2 rial for 1.5 litres (INR 40)
It is possible to manage for under 5 rial per day per person with 2 meals,breakfast,  some tea/snacks and water.

4. Local transport: INR 600-3000 per day
Bus ride from Airport to Ruwi: 1 Rial
Bus rides within a zone: 200 baisa (40 INR)
Bus rides across 3 zones: 500 baisa (100 INR)

Assuming you will need 5-6 rides per day in bus, it should be possible to manage in under 3 rials per person (INR 600). Read more about using public transport in Oman

Assuming you take 3-4 taxi ride as well, factor about 10-15 rials per day for transportation (INR 2000-3000)

If you have an international driver's permit you can rent a car and drive yourself. All kinds of cars area available for rent, starting from about 20 rials per day. (INR 4000)

5. Entry fee: 
Several attractions (Grand Mosque, Mutrah Fort, Education Museum, Muscat Gate Museum etc) are free to visit but a few museums and attractions have entry fee
  • Muscat National Museum: 5 Rials per person
  • Nizwa Fort: 5 rials per person
  • Various other museums n attractions: 2 to 5 rials per person.
Assuming you will visit one or two paid attractions per day, factor to spend 5 to 10 Rials (INR 1000-2000) on entry fees per person

6. Day tours: INR 6000-7000 per person
Some destinations like Nizwa can be visited for cheap using public transport (about 3-5 rials return fare from Muscat to Nizwa). However other attractions like Wadi Shah may not have public transportation. If you decide to book day tours, that is usually INR 6000-7000 per person.

7. Shopping
Dates, spices are popular shopping items in Oman. How much to shop is up to you
8. Visa
Oman Tourist visa costs between 5 rial to 20 rial depending on category, duration etc. We got 10 day single entry visa for 5 rial each (INR 1000 per person). Details here.
9. Misc: Mobile data is expensive in Oman and managing with public wifi is difficult if you don't have local number. Mwasalat buses, some malls have free WiFi but you will need local number to receive OTP. I managed with Hotel WiFi plus TSIM global card for data when absolutely necessary. Tips and any other miscellaneous expenses extra.

Approximate spend for a 5 day Muscat visit for 2 people
  • Flight: 15000 * 2 pax = 30000 INR
  • Stay: 2500 INR per day *5 days = 12500 INR
  • Food: 1000 INR per person * 2 person * 5 days = 10000 INR
  • Two day tours: 6000*2 people * 2 tours: 24000 INR
  • Local Transport: Approx 6000 INR
  • Entry fees: Appox 6000 INR
  • Visa for 2 people: INR 2000
  • Miscellaneous expenses: (SIM Card, shopping, tips, forex conversion cost etc): INR 5000
Total: 95000 INR
If done on extreme budget, it is possible to explore Oman for under 50000-60000 INR for 2 pax
- Avoid taxi, use bus or walk
- Travel only when you get super cheap tickets
- Avoid expensive day tours, manage with public transport
- Focus on free to visit attractions, avoid expensive ticketed entries unless absolutely worth
- Minimal shopping
- Stay in cheaper accommodations

My 4 day Oman trip cost me 49000 INR for 2 people.
  • Flight: INR 24600 (2 pax, Chennai-Muscat return)
  • Stay: INR 12720 for 4 nights (Plaza Hotel Ruwi)
  • Food: INR 3000
  • Entry fees: INR 2000
  • Local travel: INR 2400
  • Visa: 1900 INR
  • Shopping & other miscellaneous expenses: 2500 INR
Total: About 49000 INR all inclusive

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