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Plaza Hotel, Ruwi, Muscat

Plaza Hotel in Ruwi, Muscat is where I stayed during my visit to Oman. This post is a detailed review of this hotel.

Why I selected Plaza Hotel, Ruwi, Muscat
After some research on where to stay in Muscat, I finally zeroed in on Plaza Hotel, Muscat due to following reasons
- Muscat didn't have any cheaper hostels (except few women only hostels)
- Among hotels there were a few Oyo Hotels but I didn't want to select an Oyo hotel due to several cases of customers being denied check-in by hotels because Oyo is either not paying hotels on time or not removing hotels even after hotels opt out of Oyo.
- There were a few AirBnBs but their location was bit far and after factoring cleaning charge, total amount payable was coming close to what hotel room would cost.
- A friend based in Muscat confirmed Plaza Hotel location is fine. Bus stop is 1.3 kms away and Ruwi had direct bus from airport and Ruwi felt like a great location.

How is Plaza Hotel, Ruwi?
It is a standard hotel, has 2 floors, several double rooms and a few single rooms. Rooms are basic- nothing extraordinary. Essential facilities- AC, Fan, Wardrobe, table, chair and a fridge is available.
 Forgot to take a photo soon after entering the room- this photo was clicked during check-out
 Bathroom is bit tight- not the most spacious, but in this budget you can't expect much.
 Single room

Only one bottle of water will be provided per booking, irrespective of number of nights. If you make 3 separate bookings you will probably get 3 bottles, but if you make one booking for 3 nights, you will get only one bottle of water- this part seemed odd to me.  Hotels should give one bottle per day. But then water is expensive commodity in middle east so hotels are trying to cut corners may be. Also bubble tank water dispenser is available near reception-so may be guests can refill their bottles there. I bought a 6 litre can for 450 baisa (INR 90).

I had booked a double room but I had entered only one person, so for second person I had to pay 5 Rials per night extra. No extra water was given, no breakfast, no other facilities though.

Single room didn't have a kettle, was provided on request. Single room had a bigger fridge than deluxe double room.

Passage way is bit narrow.  Lobby areas are spacious. Limited parking is available in front of the hotel

WiFi was decent, only good thing about the stay. Staff speak Hindi and service was good.

Multiple Indian restaurants are available within 1 km radius. One kerala restaurant is available next to the hotel, so food will not be an issue.

So is Plaza Hotel the best place to stay in Muscat- I am not sure, as I have not stayed in other places. Do check out this Sun City hotel right behind Ruwi Bus stop- if it works for you, this one may be more convenient. Costs almost the same or even a bit cheaper than Plaza Hotel

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