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Delicious Desi- Muscat's most colourful restaurant

I was walking towards Qurum from Grand Mosque and saw the board of Delicious Desi. Decided to walk in and have some food. This small restaurant was super colourful inside, thanks to bright paintings, art work and exhibits. I wouldn't have written about the restaurant had it not been for these colourful stuffs. Purpose of this post is to show those colourful artwork inside Delicious Desi restaurant in Oman. I doubt if you will find any other more colourful restaurants than this in Muscat.

Main paintings at Delicious Desi

Above: Punjabi Truck
Below: Peacocks- ever seen a white Peacock?

Art work on the backside of chairs: Each chair has different painting on the back, mostly birds.

Colourful umbrellas inverted

Other artifacts on display

 View of the restaurant interiors

 Food photo finally!
 Unfortunately the outside view of Delicious Desi restaurant doesn't give any clue of the colourful interiors. If I had not gone inside, I would have probably missed it
Which is the most colourful restaurant you have seen?


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