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Titanic Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland

We all know about Titanic, an unsinkable ship that sank because of an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The movie made the ship and its accident a lot popular. But do you know where Titanic was built?

Titanic was built in Belfast, northern Ireland. Belfast is part of United Kingdom and was a shipbuilding center in the past. Today a museum is built to allow visitors learn about how Titanic was built, how it was looking like and all the minute details. A visit to the Titanic museum will enrich your history knowledge.

I visited Belfast's titanic museum during my 2019 visit. In this post I am sharing some key findings from this museum. Do read along to get a snapshot of what to expect at Belfast's Titanic Museum.

Titanic Museum: Basic visitor Info:
Ticket Prices: Visiting Titanic Museum in Belfast will set you back by about 20 Euros or Pounds. There are family packs and combo offers- I think I saved a few pounds when I took combo ticket for Giant Causaway tour + Titanic. This is 2019 information. Might have changed a bit for post covid scenario.
Location: Titanic Museum is couple of kms away from Belfast city center. You can walk if you can, else trams are available at regular interval.

Museum has several level and visitor access is fairly streamlined.

Ship Building (the shipyard) & Boomtown Belfast
Visitors can get a snapshot of complexities involved in shipbuilding. Titanic was built along with  another similar size ship-Olympic. White Star line was the company which commissioned the construction of Titanic while Harland and Wolff was the company responsible for building the ship. Harland and Wolff had delivered a total of 11 ships in 1911. Titanic museum shares all the details such as how riveting is done, what part was done by hand and what was done by machine, how many bulkheads (water tight compartments) were used, how shipbuilding provided employment to locals and so on. Visitors can see old photos, scale models, technical information and videos to understand the process.
Ship launch involves releasing the ship from construction site to ocean. It is usually done by rolling it down to the water. Museum has a video explaining how Titanic was launched.
Type of rooms inside Titanic
Titanic had rooms that suited different budget limits- cheaper 3rd class rooms to ultra luxurious first class rooms.
The only voyage of Titanic
Titanic only survived half of its maiden voyage. It did pickup passengers from UK & Ireland but sank enroute to its destination- New York. Museum has exhibits detailing ports Titanic called, arrival and departure times and other such details
Accident: The sinking of Titanic
The last few messages sent out from Titanic. Salute to those brave men who held on to their posts communicating, instead of thinking of escaping and saving their own lives.
Aftermath: There were also some videos on subsequent deep sea investigations done on Titanic site.
Myth busters: There are numerous myths about Titanic- was it done deliberately, are there lots of jewels still hidden in the wreck of titanic and so on. Museum makes an attempt to clarify on those myths.
I spent about 2-3 hours in Titanic museum tower. You can plan more depending on your interest. Titanic building has conference facility, souvenir shop, a bar and other facilities. Titanic museum gets little under a million visitors per year. If you are in Belfast I think it is worth visiting Titanic Museum, though it will set you back by about 2000 Rs in entry fee. 

Official website is: https://www.titanicbelfast.com/

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