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Places to visit in and around Karkala, Udupi

Karkala is a town and taluk headquarters in Udupi district. Karkala has several jain pilgrimage centers and temples. If you are passing through Karkala or can afford to spend half a day exploring Karkala, there're several places of interest. This post helps you understand them and plan your visit.

1. Bahubali Statue

Probably Karkala's most popular attraction, located on a hill slightly away from town. Vehicle road exists but was closed when we visited. Could climb about 150-200 steps and reach the bahubali temple compound, supposed to open after 8 AM.

Watch a drone clip of Karakala Bahubali below [Watch on Youtube]

Detailed post on Bahubali & Chaurmukha Basadi is now available

2. Chaturmukha Basadi

Located about a km away from Bahubali Statue, on a small rockhill, supposed to open at 7 AM but wasn't when we visited 7.10 AM, so better go little late. Can be seen from outside the gate but you will miss the details.

October 2021 Update: It was closed during 4 PM as well and now lock is applied at the base, so can't even get close.

June 2022: Managed to visit finally!

3. Anekere Park: A small park next to Anekere lake. Has walking track, children play area and some trees. Bus stop is nearby so getting a bus to main bus stand is easy from here.

4. Kere basadi:

Small Jain basadi in the middle of Anekere lake. Some massive construction is going on here (April 2022 update)- should be great watch once  completed.

5. Ananta Shayana Temple

6. Venkatak Ramana Temple

Most popular temple in Karkala

7. Veera Maruthi temple

This Hanuman temple is right opposite the Venktakaramana temple

8. Durga water falls

Nice little fall very close to city and easily accessible. Not tall, just river water bounding over rocks.

9. Koti Chennaya theme park

Nice theme park with exhibits, ancient artefacts, dolls and paintings. Worth a visit though not very well maintained. Read detailed post about Koti Chennaya theme park here

10. Ramasamudra lake

11. Attur Church

12. John's Water world - A theme park, ideal for spending half a day with family trying watersports. Cheaper rates than what theme parks in big cities would cost. Half day and full day tickets available, price costs around 300 to 500 INR per person depending on half day/full day, adults, kids etc. Discount available for senior citizens.

13. Madhav Prakash Factory outlet

Visit to buy cashew and other dry fruits at lower rate compared to what it costs in store near you. Cashew costs from INR 680 to 1200 per kg depending on size.

14 :Parappadi falls: permanently closed by local authorities

Google Map link here

I visited Karkala multiple times in 2021- once during drive to Sakaleshpura and once while going to Chikmagalur, once an exclusive half day trip and one more time during an event. 

How long to stay in Karkala: Key attractions in Karkala can be explored in about half a day. More if you wish to explore in detail or nearby attractions also. If you are heading to other destinations like Dharmasthala, Chikmagalur, Sakaleshpura, Agumbe etc from Udupi/Mangaluru side you can plan half a day for Karkala and then reach your destination by evening.

Karkala city has few budget hotels if you would like to stay.

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