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Honnavara offbeat: Manki sunset viewpoint

 Manki Sunset Viewpoint is a lesser known attraction in Honnavara. Manki Sunset viewpoint is an empty stretch of land full of rocky terrain and offers great view of Arabian sea below.

Take a look at the photos- these were clicked on a cloudy day- we couldn't wait till sunset time to go here. Google maps location was fairly accurate. Last 1 kms is rough road. Venue managed it, if you are not comfortable park and walk. Google map location points to some construction site nearby. For the viewpoint you have to walk towards the sea. There was another rough road that would have taken us closer- I saw it later.

View of Arabian sea from Manki Sunset point

Terrain is full of rocks- they were not sharp or slippery. It was possible to walk across using normal footwear. But wear good shoes.

A pond with a tree in the center was interesting
Drive carefully
Need to visit next time during sunset and explore more. There is a rough road from here till Apsarakonda falls. I wasn't confident how good the road is, so we took a longer route via highway.

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