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Pavinakurva Suspension Bridge, Honnavar

Aug 2023 update: Added a drone photo of Pavinakurva Suspension Bridge. The paint was all gone so the pic is not very colourful as of now. Hope they repaint and refrsh the bridge soon.

PavinaKurva is a locality north of Honnavar town. Pavinakurva is separated from mainland by a river named Badagani. Thus locals are provided with a suspension bridge to cross over and reach their homes. There is a longer road route but most locals find it convenient to use the suspension bridge to reach Honnavara town. Even bikes can pass through.

I had first visited Pavinakurva in 2020 August while returning from Sirsi. It was a sunny day and I got decent photo.

July 2021 cloudy day view looks like this

On the other side I could see some nice river views, red roads and some private homes. I wanted to ride north and connect to highway but didn't have much time.
There was a nice temple on the way to Pavinakurva, but it was closed. You can check if it is open when you visit.
Google maps to Pavinakurva is very accurate but you might face some confusion where to turn left on the highway. Keep looking for this temple tower on your left (towards ocean side) and you've to take next left turn.

When in Honnavara, do visit Pavinakurva. Check my Honnavara guide.

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