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GoBumpr secret mechanic service booking

I was aware of this startup called GoBumpr which provides a platform for people to avail car and bike services. I decided to check them out and this post shares what I feel.

Drawback 1: Not disclosing service center names: 
Gobumpr is very protective of the service center listed with them. You will NOT get the name of the service center till you make a payment. To me this is a clear turn OFF.  I need the following information before I can book
- Where exactly are they located? I prefer a center near my home or office. If it is halfway across the city my travel time and cost will increase unnecessarily.

- How is feedback from other customers? If I can see the name and rating/feedback from other customers then I can trust them. Without knowing their name, location and assurance on service quality, I don't want to pay blindly.

- Need to check availability. I may need to check with the service center if they have required spare parts or slots available on a select date. At times they take several days to get a spare part or accessory or might be full with other vehicles. I don't want to blindly pay and wait.

I think GoBumpr doesn't reveal service center names because they fear loss of business. If I know the garage name I will directly visit them on my way home, check their prices and book directly-then GoBumpr won't get any commission. But then, would you just order a pizza or biryani on swiggy or Zomato without knowing which restaurant will be sending it? GoBumper need to fix this process.
Drawback 2: High prices
I find GoBumpr charges much higher than what I would pay at authorized dealerships or if I check with a garage/mechanic directly. This is mostly because GoBumpr charges 20-25% commission which service centers include in their pricing. Again, tax is not included in the price shown, another 18% extra in taxes.

Drawback 3: Poor customer service
All the aggregators have poor customer service. In order to grow rapidly they signup every small vendor and have no control on their quality of service. Because of high commissions and other high handedness by aggregators, service centers cut corners in many places resulting in compromised quantity or quality. If I find an issue later there isn't much GoBumpr can do to fix it, except maybe some discount on next booking or such useless things. It is a lot easier to deal directly with the service center. 

Good thing about GoBumpr:
  • For many services you can pay a small amount like INR 99 and book. Rest you pay at the service center.
  • If you are too lazy to explore your town and find a service center yourself, GoBumpr is an easy way
Would you really need an app to select a garage/service center in your city to give your bike to?
  •  Official website of vehicle manufacturer will have name and address of all authorized service centers
  •  Ask your friends, neighbor and colleagues who have similar vehicle and they will happily guide you to a mechanic/service center they have been using and trust.
  •  When you go for a ride in your city you will definitely spot a few garages, service centers
  •  Google maps, JustDial and other online tools help you locate a mechanic shop/service center.
So I am not clear what value GoBumpr is adding. They seem to be interested only in commission and not comfortable giving any guarantee/compensation, won't reveal the name of the garage/service center till you pay and have no practical control over the mechanic/service center. Because mechanics/service centers are squeezed for high commission, they try to make it up by forcing unwanted repairs, poor service quality and other things that eventually infuriate the customer and make them never use GoBumpr again. Online review portals like MouthShut are full of negative reviews.

What I think GoBumpr should do
1. Display name & location of the garage/service center
2. Facilitate customer rating so that others know who is better (similar to how booking.com does). This will force service centers to maintain quality.
3. Have an expert field team of mechanics to visit the vehicle, garage and ensure there is quality and customer complaints if any are validated and compensated
4. Take your partners (service centers) into confidence. Charge lower commission so that service centers aren't forced to cheat customers and try to earn more through volume (which will come if there are more happy customers)
5. Have CCTV feed at service centers so that customers can remotely keep an eye on their vehicle or what is going on with their cars or bikes. This will boost confidence.

Share your thoughts...


  1. GoBumper and GoMechanic are just like Swiggy and Zomoto. They only pick and deliver. Actual works are done by the 'so called' mechanics with 3rd or 4th grade quality materials. I'm a victim of GoMechanic. Never ever go to these mediators.

    1. Once I tried booking and asked them the price after mentioning the issues.

      The cost mentioned for service is equivalent to cost of my old two wheeler :) (approx. 12k)

      I just run away from them


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