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Karma Holidays Timeshare Membership: Pricing, Offers, Analysis

Oct 2022 Update: Attended another presentation from Dove Holidays, a Anway company, which had the same template, same pricing, same property videos were shown... I have a feeling that they running duplicate companies to enroll maximum customers. Be careful.

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All of a sudden I got a call from someone at Karma Holidays. Karma Holidays team had come from Bangalore to Udupi to market their company, they had got (or bought) contact numbers of all Hyundai customers and called them to attend their event. (I am sure Karma team would have done the same for all other brand car owners, those who bought property or jewelry) 

Before their call I was clueless about Karma but did a quick check to find out that they are into a timeshare model similar to Club Mahindra. Immediately I could sense that the event is focused on enrolling new members and I would be pressured to sign up after an elaborate presentation.

I could have simply declined but decided to go and check out due to following reasons
1. It had been long time since I attended any events because of Corona
2. I felt I could use this opportunity to understand about Karma holidays and write about them in my blog post
3. A buffet dinner was on offer
4. Event venue was only 4 kms from the office so it was possible to attend after office hours.

So I visited Hotel Ocean Pearl Udupi at the designated time, fully aware of the mind game I might be subjected to. Because their website didn't reveal membership fees I was keen to know it and all the fine print.

Below are key things I learnt about Karma Holidays
1. Karma doesn't have seasons. (Club Mahindra has Blue, White, Red, Purple, more money for peak seasons). So one membership for all seasons
2. Karma has tie up properties. While Club Mahindra owns many of the resorts, Karma's model seem to have tie up with property owners. They listed Radisson Blu Dubai and several properties in their brochure which are owned and operated by someone else. Instead of building their own resorts Karma seem to prefer to tie up with property owners for a set of inventory (like buy 10 rooms for the year at a fixed price) and then give it to its members. This model has both pros and cons- advantage is that they can add new properties quickly, drawback is that property owners will kick them out if payment is not received on time, so properties can vanish as fast as they are added

3. Karma has 5 years, 10 years and 20 years membership. 5 years membership costs 175000 + An ASF of 7000 which will increase yearly. 5 year membership only gets you domestic bookings. 10 year membership costs 375000.
20 years I didn't ask, may be around 7 lakhs.

Detailed computation of Karma Holiday pricing


5 Years

10 Years

20 Years

List Price

175000 INR

375000 INR

 7 lakhs?


Pay only 1,50,000 INR

Some vouchers

Pay only 2,90,000 INR

Or Pay 3.75 & get 1 free trip to Srilanka /Maldives/ Thailand


What you get

6 nights per year domestic holidays (Stay in studio rooms, breakfast NOT included)

6 nights per year domestic or international holidays

(Stay in studio rooms, breakfast NOT included)



6999 per year & will increase every year

6999 per year & will increase every year


Cost of food

1200-2000 per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & evening tea) , 25% discount

1500 INR per person per day, 3000 INR for 2 people, will increase

1200-2000 per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & evening tea) , 25% discount

1500 INR per person per day, 3000 INR for 2 people


If you had kept membership amount in FD at 6% interest, you would have earned

9000 per year or 1500 INR per day

18000 per year or 3000 INR per day


Effective per day expense

150000 INR/30 (6 days for 5 years) = 5000 Per Day

ASF=1300 per day

Food = 3000 per day

Interest lost= 1500 per day

Total= 10800 INR per day

375000 INR/60 (6 days for 10 years) = 6250 Per Day

ASF=1300 per day

Food = 3000 per day

Interest lost= 3000 per day

Total= 13550 INR per day


Note: Above is for cash payment... If take on EMI, interest EXTRA

4. Karma is only committing to studio rooms. No 2 BR/3BR options like Club Mahindra. Brochures claim to offer free upgrade to villa where available, but again this is not committed and not likely to happen

5. Breakfast is not included. We were told room bookings do not include breakfast, which feels odd. We were told guests will be given 25% discount coupon on food. When I asked how much food costs I was told 1200 to 2000 Rs depending on resort. So that is 1500 Rs per person per day or 3000 Rs for a couple on food expenses. 

6. Multiple properties in each destination- Karma has several resorts in Goa and other places, so they claim they can manage to get you a room in one of them more easily, compared to others who have only 1 resort per city.

7. Free to transfer/send someone else on our behalf. I was told no extra charge if we send someone else instead of us. Club Mahindra charges 2000 Rs or so for allowing someone else instead of member.

My thought: instead of spending 9800 Rs per day for 6 days an year (58800), I will stay in budget hotels for 2000 Rs for 3 days (6000 Rs) and book a luxury stay of my choice at market rate for another 2-3 days 30000 for 2 days at 15k, just about 36000-40000 spend, which is more flexible and cheaper.

I had decent buffet dinner organized by Karma and left. Posted in Hyundai FB group and found that they have called Hyundai customers in other cities as well.
Representative image from Karma Group's website. Visit them for official details : www.karmagroup.com (Membership pricing not mentioned)
An image from the event- Ocean Pearl Udupi's Banquet hall

Information as shared with me in Udupi during a business promotion event. Pricing and offers and rules subject to change at the discretion of Karma holidays. Use for reference only and validate with official sources before making any purchase.


  1. I am searching this membership details for some time along with club mahindra. Both looks same to me. In fact CM is more familiar as BRAND than Karma. I have not heard of this name before. Its better to book based on our taste and lifestyle instead of limiting ourselves with time share model

    1. I have called out the differences between CM and Karma.
      Yes, no service commitment/compensation plan or cancellation options once we commit, so lots of risk.

    2. This fake karma group. Original is different.

    3. i think better think twice as i heard lots of time that when u want to book yr holidays u need to book before 3 months and thag is pain . and when you book after that than u mihjt get the booking bca they will tell th our resot is full booked

    4. in karma there is no outsider like non members are not allowed and club mahindra you can book from make my trip agggrigator so resort will be full from non members

  2. I have very big problem for gate a membership in karma. No one can solved the issue.

  3. This Karma group is fake and they are debarred from using the name Karma. They have swindled money from many people and keep changing their name. Original Karma group is still active and has got properties in many places mainly India, Bali and UK.

  4. This is fake Karma Membership Plan. Actual Karma Group is different. They don't advertise that's why no one has heard about them. It is more familiar in time share industry and older than Club Mahindra. Has some amazing properties around the world. Mainly in Bali and Europe.

    1. Karma group has fake membership plan.they are cheating client.do not go for karma membership.

  5. Karma group is not all Fake.I am the member. And i am very happy with services. Awesome properties.

  6. Karma group is fake and they cheat people by offering them free gifts and dinner buffets and pressurise them to take membership.

    Do not go to the presentation its a headache. Beware.

    1. Its not fake i m using this for almost 14 years now ......it has awesome service.....365 days

    2. I recently got into this trap. Paid 50k so thinking of whether to processed or drop any suggestions please. Presentation looks good and they said we can book rooms in Hilton too if they dnt have resort in that place. Is it ok to continue any suggestions. And how much will this membership cost

  7. Excellent post, Thanks for sharing the details. Also makes it clear that all these memberships are not worth it.

  8. Its fake, They waisted our time means whole day presentation

  9. They said they will take not more than 1houe for a useless presentations, but took 2.30 hours. Fake people

  10. Before independence , Indians were forced to be slaves to British people.Now this British entrepreneur , the so called karma group I s making us to pay lakhs of money to them and trying to control us. Another way of slavery I fell

  11. They are fake and fraud cheaters. Sujjest no one to go with it

  12. This is not the Karma group. This one is fraud. Now they have changed their name to aloha or something. Original karma group is still operational and they have few properties but not as many comparing to club Mahindra.

  13. We attended their presentation. They took nearly 3 hours to explain all details and showed irritation as we refused to accept holiday plan on the spot.

  14. This is not an actual karma group. . they are showing themselves as karma. Original karma group is different. . Don't fall for this thing. Do some proper research. Original karma group market themselves and sell membership from their resorts itself. They don't book such halls to sell membership. .

  15. Always arrange your holidays as per your mood and requirements. Never ever fall in the trap of these so called holidays managers. Remember one thing, just promote the spirit to become a traveller instead of a tourist. And remember traveller is one who is ready to traveil, ie someone who is ready to face hardships. All the best. Enjoy your holidays. I am 60 and I am a traveler.

  16. Effective per day expense - is 10,800 right, it says 9800 :-)? 5000+1300+3000+1500


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