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Daria Bahadurgad fort island near Malpe

Google Map shows "Daria Bahadurgad Fort" near Malpe seawalk. But unlike the popular St Mary's Island, there are no designated boat service to Daria Bahadurgad island. We checked this with locals to confirm. While some old reviews online suggest one can reach there using private boats, that doesn't look like a possibility at present for normal tourists. May be it is a different story for those who have contacts to arrange private boat or other means.

Anyway, if you are curious to see what is there on the island you don't have to travel to Udupi and hire a private boat. You can just enjoy my drone footage below.

Watch a short video of Daria Bahadurgad island below [Watch on youtube

While there is a lighthouse like structure on the island, there are no fort visible from above. There are no clues to suggest any tall boundary wall, warehouse, watch towers etc- typical characteristics of any fort. May be there were some ruins of the fort which would have fallen off over time. 

History: The Daraia Bahadurgad fort is reportedly constructed by Basavappa Naik of Bidanur. The Muslim naming could also be because of influence of Tipu Sultan. May be he conquered this fort and renamed as per his choice. Not much information is available on its year of construction, usage etc. It was probably used as early warning system against sea based intruders, just like Mirjan Fort, Kirbele Fort etc.

There is another island just below Daria Bahadurgad island. It has no name. It is high time Udupi administration and Karnataka tourism revive tourism into these islands. Visiting St Mary's Island costs 300 INR per person and it gets crowded on weekend. Daria Bahadurgad island is closer to shore so boat ride should be lot cheaper, like just 100 INR per person. Visitors can do a bit of trekking in the island.

Or make a combi trip- like collect another 50 INR more, let the boat drop off people and Daria Bahadurgad first, then proceed to St Mary’s and then back to Malpe.

Hopefully boat service to Daria Bahadurgad island resumes soon. Till then, don't believe travel websites saying you can reach Udupi railway station and Daria Bahadurgad is just 8 kms from Udupi railway station and you can take a ferry to reach there...

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