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Accor ALL loyalty program flaws

 ALL or Accor Live Limitless is a loyalty program run by Accor group, which runs hotels by brands such as Novotel, Ibis etc. Accor ALL competes with Marriot Bonvoy and other such loyalty programs to ensure they get repeat customers.

I signed up for Accor ALL recently and noticed several flaws in their program.

False promises by hotel staff: My room was booked by our company for 9 nights. I enrolled for Accor ALL on Day 01 of my stay. But once my account is created I couldn’t see my current booking on the ALL member portal. When asked both reception staff and manager of IBIS Vikhroli confirmed loyalty points will reflect after check out. But after check out not a single point is credited for my 9 nights stay. This is very disappointing and makes me lose faith in Accor’s Loyalty program.

No Email support for Accor members: Accor website has no email support for ALL members. If you have an issue there is no one to reach to. Only FAQs.

No reply on twitter. I raised a concern on twitter to Accor group. Absolutely no reply. Many brands give a template reply asking for more details via DM etc, even though they may not solve any problem. But zero response from Accor group on social media.

No reply from hotel: I wrote an email to Ibis Mumbai Vikhroli to check this and fix. Absolutely no response.

Business travelers don’t book the room themselves. It could be booked by client or company or a travel agent. But Accor is getting its business because of Me- the business traveler. If Accor group can’t give loyalty benefits to guests then I won’t have a motive to prefer Accor group hotel in future.

It takes 50 paid nights (INR 6000 * 50 = 3 lakhs) to get 1 free night in Ibis. Essentially they are diverting only 2% of booking money towards Loyalty program. For that also these many complications, rules and ignorance, I am not sure what Accor group is thinking.  I understand I didn’t pay myself and I became a member after check-in. But these can’t be a criteria to deny me loyalty benefits for 9 night stay.

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