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Barkana Falls from Barkana viewpoint Agumbe, Drone footage

Barkana is a beautiful waterfall in western ghats near Agumbe, accessible only via trekking. Barkana falls is also one of the tallest, India's 10th tallest, with a total height of around 850 meters.

Trekking till Barkana falls is a bit complicated affair for regular tourist- as it involves taking permission from Forest department, paying them fees (entry fee, trekking fee, camera fee etc etc will add up to a thousand rupee easily per person) and mandatory guide fee (1000 Rs per group). Trek is best done post monsoon- during September and October- you will have to bear leech bites, rains etc. There is also a Narasimha Parvatha trek that takes us close to Barkana falls. Trekking close to Barkana falls is minimum half day, preferably full day activity. I am yet to explore this path to reach Barkana falls. And even after all that trekking you will only get a partial view of the falls, not the complete view possible via drone.

However there is an easy way. You can reach Barkana falls view point and get a glimpse of Barkana falls, clouds permitting. In this post I will elaborate on this option.

Barkana falls viewpoint can be reached along with a visit to Jogi Gundi falls. From Agumbe, take the Sringeri route and in about a km you see a right turn leading to Jogi Gundi falls. Forest Department staff will stop you there asking for ticket money. You will have to pay around 100 Rs per person, camera, parking fees extra.

You may proceed to explore Jogi Gundi falls and then proceed to Barkana viewpoint or vice versa. Viewpoint has a risk of cloud covering everything, so if sky is clear go to Barkana viewpoint first, else go to falls and try your luck at viewpoint later.

How to reach Barkana Viewpoint?

After coming out of Jogi Gundi turn right, continue on the road for a few kms till you cross a few houses. You will have to turn right when you see this sign. The roads are being repaired, normal cars can go- drive another 2 kms till you see a forest department gate. Park here and start trekking- around 2 kms of very easy trekking will take you to Barkana Viewpoint. [Map link]

If you are lucky, you will get great view of the ghats and Barkana falls can be seen on your left. If you go early morning or rainy season, very high chance that area is covered in cloud and you can see nothing- like below.

Short Instagram Reel on Barkana Falls

Watch a drone footage below of Barkana falls, from Barkana Falls viewpoint.

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