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Beach Stay in Kumta: Palm Beach Huts

Last weekend we decided to stay overnight in Kumta. Our plan was not 100% freezed hence we didn't find it wise to book online. Here is our experience trying to walk in and book a stay.

Our first check was at Hotel Sanman Lodging by the highway. But they had only 1 room while we wanted 2. They even offered a 4 bed dorm but we had a lady in the group so wanted 2 separate rooms.

Next I spotted that there are several homestays & resorts by the beach. We decided to head there and explore a few and check if they have a room. I called up "Sangam Beach Stay" and owner asked if we wanted a farm house or couple room or so on. We decided to drive in and check out.

Sangam Beach stay turned out to be an absolutely bare minimum construction of a room, costing us 1500 INR for a basic room which owner referred to as "farm house". Later we were taken to another beachside building which had 3 rooms- a dormitory, a single room (2000 Rs a day) and a triple room (5000 Rs per day). The owner said he is a local fisherman and his son works in Germany. The rooms were very basic and hardly had any facilities. The owner was also drinking in the afternoon and we were not very convinced about the room, hence we decided to check other options.

Prathap got a recommendation on Palm Beach Huts. We decided to go there and check it out.

We followed the map, went closer but had to put some effort locating the property. Palm Beach Huts didn't have a direct road access. Guests need to park 500 meters away, walk on the beach and reach the property.

They had 4 to 5 rooms and few more under construction. Rate was 2000 INR per room per night and we were asked 1000 Rs extra for late check out if we wish to stay till 7 PM next day. No food is included, everything is extra. 1 cup of tea is 30 INR.

If you check on MMT or other sites, you should be lucky to find anything under 2000 INR per day in Kumta during weekends. Most homestays charge higher. Advantage of walk-in is we can leave if we don't like the place, try our luck negotiating a bit if we find the rates are higher.

On these guys list for 3000 +taxes INR for double occupancy, which almost twice what we paid as walk in customers. They could save 20% commission (600 INR outright) and other complexities and rooms would have gone empty that night if we didn't take it.

Rooms were basic but was decent enough for night stay. Thus we decided to take them. Be advised all these are NON-AC rooms- might be difficult in peak summer- only fans are available, but wasn't a concern in December so we were fine. Bathroom was fine as well. We got hot water. 1 town, 1 soap, 1 bottle water was provided to us. No chair to sit inside (there were a few outside) and no dressing table, Almera etc. Few hooks were available, had to manage our bags and cloths.

Good things about Palm Beach Huts, Kumta
  • Lots of space to sit and relax between rooms and beach
  • Beach access
  • Decent non AC rooms at reasonable price
  • Calm and serene location
Things to consider:
  • You may need AC room during summer
  • 500 meter walking from parking area
  • Either pay 2x for food/tea/coffee or drive 10 kms to any restaurant in Kumta town
This is how the location looks from above. No shops available nearby- you will have to go to Kumta town if you don't want to eat inhouse or need something (10 kms). 

Overall our stay was fine. I wouldn't say this is most recommended place in Kumta- there are definitely better stays if you have little more time to research/check and budget to pay. Silver Sand Beach cottages is located next to where we stayed and seems like a better option.

There are many resorts including a Yoga retreat if you have budget. The location is nice and by the beach- Kirbele fort is nearby but other attractions are a bit far- Kumta beach 11 kms, Mirjan Fort 22 kms, Gokarna is 15 kms by bike/foot via ferry,  42 kms by road.

We could have pre-booked a room online, but then we would have to commit to our plan, deal with it if property refuses entry (like it happens with many OYO customers), or if property is not upto our expectation. How do you prefer your trips? Everything planned and decided before leaving or do you decide as you go?

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