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Orange farm visit experience in Jeju

Orange (referred to as Tangerine) farms are very popular in Jeju island in South Korea. Tourists can visit the farm, pluck a few fruits and spend some time in orange farms. When we were in Jeju and were heading South, we spotted several orange trees by the roadside and farms visible from bus. Thus the idea of visiting an orange farm brew up in our mind.

As we were walking by an orange farm, we saw a lady working at the farm and tried to have a conversation. She was happy to welcome us into her orange farm but not for free. Initial ask was 10000 KRW per person (around 625 INR) and a provision to carry 1 kg orange with us per person. Eventually we managed to negotiate this down to 10000 KRW for 3 people, with total of 1 kg orange to be taken away for 3 people.

We were allowed into the farm- which was small but had several orange trees with ripe oranges all around. Some oranges were in green colour- these are summer oranges and not ripe yet, we were told. 

Jeju is a small island with very clear air. The pollution free environment is great for farming oranges.

We were allowed to eat as much as we could inside the farm- so I believe I have eaten at least 15-20 oranges within the time span of an hour. We were given a small basket each and a cutter. We did some photoshoot and left.

How to plan orange farm visit when in Jeju?

We saw a farm by the roadside, spoke to a staff, negotiated the price and went in. I don't see any ready made package as such online say on platforms like Klook. I feel best bet is reach Seogwipo area using public transport, walk around, speak to few farm owners and request them to let you in for a fee.

On Google maps you can see many orange farms, tangerine museums etc. You can walk in and request entry. Most farms are commercial and will let you in for a fee.

Any travel agent organizing an orange farm visit will have to factor transportation cost, his profit etc

I had seen oranges by the roadside in Greece, but they were not edible. Jeju's orange farm experience was a delight. Do not miss it when in South Korea- You will have to factor the season as well I guess. October was a good season.

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