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Scenic Seopjikoji trail, East Jeju

Once done with Seongsan Ilchulbong sunrise trek in Jeju, we headed south, to check out Seopjikoji trail. This was a large green area on the map not too far from Seongsan Ilchulbong area.

The Seopjikoji trail was a few kms long and gave us amazing views.

The glasshouse- saw from taxi while we were heading to Seopjikoji trail parking area. Couldn't click pictures.

The view along the trail- take a look at the pictures below

Horses: Saw some horses by the trail. Horse ride were available for 5000 KRW onwards (350 INR)

A castle- no entry, could see from outside

Above left: a smoke pit, used as signaling mechanism in the past. Right: Steps to lighthouse.

The lighthouse- the wind was too strong at the lighthouse and I had to hold the phone strongly to ensure it doesn't fly off.

There is a restaurant at the other end- we decided to skip it. A photo op ring is also present there.

We can get good view of the  Seongsan Ilchulbong from Seopjikoji trail

Aqua Planet Jeju: Aqua planet runs some shows at regular interval. Next show was 2 hours away so we decided to move on. You can use restroom here, buy some food or snacks at the shops. 

Overall Seopjikoji trail is a nice recreational walk for couple of hours, worth visiting if you have some spare time and wish to see nature up close. Our time was well spent after sunrise trek, next we proceeded to visit the Manjanggul lava caves.

Seopjikoji trail Map reference below.

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