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Kuwait city first impressions (from Air)

I flew Kuwait Airways for the first time recently. Detailed review of Kuwait Airways and my short transit experience are detailed in separate posts already. This post shares my thoughts on Kuwait city, as seen from top.

As I had a very short transit time I had made a plan B what to do if I miss the connection. My plan was to ask for transit visa and go out and explore Kuwait city. But luckily I made it to my connecting flight to Athens. But I got good glimpse of Kuwait city from my window seat.

Below are some pics of Kuwait city from the air.

Somehow the initial impression was dull. Unlike Dubai, Qatar that have nice view from top. But Kuwait city looked dull-very little high rise buildings, no designer coastline, no greenery. Unlike other middle east countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait probably isn't focusing much on tourism. But Kuwait has faced war in near past unlike its wealthy neighbors. (Gulf War-1990-1991 between Iraq and Kuwait)

But all of these are not a concern. Kuwait air experience was great. If they sell tickets for cheap, I will consider flying in future. What are your thoughts? Have you been to Kuwait city? Is it worth visiting or taking a 2-3 days stopover while flying via Kuwait (like Abu Dhabi stopover with Etihad)? Let me know your thoughts.

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