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Santorini Old Harbor: Pictures & details

Old Harbor is the waterfront located hundreds of meters down from the Santorini city center Fira. 

Old Harbor is accessible only via following 3 means

  • By foot - some 600 odd steps from top one way
  • By cable car- was closed in Feb (off season)
  • By donkey- 10 Euros per person per ride, one way
  • By boat- if starting from some other port area

I walked down the steps towards Old harbor. Old Harbor has a small church, few shops and cafes (all closed in off season), a port area where some boats had docked, a cable car station (closed), a restroom and some more areas under construction.

If you book any boat excursions from Santorini, most of them begin from Old Harbor. You will have to report here, unless your package includes some mode of transportation or the trip is beginning from somewhere else.

Spent about 30 minutes in hold harbor and began my way up. Decided to try the donkey ride while going up, to save some time and energy. Donkeys in Greece are huge- almost as big as horses in India. They aren't very fast (can't go too fast uphill either) but do get the job done. A person walking along with us took same time to reach the top.

Short video of my riding a donkey at Santorini old harbor

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