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Mangaluru International Kite Festival, Feb 2024

I was in Mangaluru and read in newspaper about Mangaluru Kite festival 2024 on day 2 of the event. Mangaluru Kite festival was organized at Tannirbavi beach area with kite flyers from several countries displaying their skills.

We visited Sunday around 5 PM and the traffic was already piling up. A friend had a flight to catch so we left at around 5.45 PM. But due to haphazard parking by others it was difficult to get the car out from parking lot. After some struggle, managed to carve out an exit path and get out of parking area. Organizers should put clear markers and facilitate organized parking so that cars and enter and exit easily. 

A kite show involved flying kites and controlling them remotely- I guess some motor is included inside the kit controlled remotely. 

Food stalls were set up and some cultural programs are also planned.

While we were returning several Mangalurians were still trying visit the venue, with full traffic jam. Some car owners were trying to outsmart others by taking all available lanes leaving no space for those in opposite direction. Few decided to take U turn abruptly deciding not to proceed any further.

Night show would have been great but couldn't attend it. Seeing the traffic pile up we didn't have the courage to go back there after dropping our friend to airport. Will try to plan better next year.

I had previously visited Mysuru Dasara Kite competition 10 year ago and Mangaluru event was a quick refresh.

Doesn't look like there are any official websites or social media handles for Mangaluru Kite festival. If you are aware please add a comment. 

Some tips if you're planning to visit Mangaluru Kite festival next year

- Keep an eye on the news for exact dates in Jan/Feb 2025

- Either go very early (before lunch time) or take a bike or auto or use bus service to reach the venue. Else you will be left frustrated in traffic. There is also a ferry to Tannirbhavi

- Most of the kites were tied to ground and are static, just a few live shows are dynamic

- Night view should be worth it, with lots of lanterns flying up.

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