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Best Budget stay near Mumbai airport T2: 500 INR, 1.4 kms

We often get a need to find a stay close to airport- but hotels inside and close to airport are often beyond our budget. Case in point is Mumbai's CSMIA or Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. In this post I will tell you about a super cheap stay (500 INR per night for dormitory) option walking distance from BOM airport.

Mumbai airport T2 has a hotel right inside the airport: Niranta Transit Hotel inside Mumbai airport costs over 10000 INR per night. So while this is convenient, 10k INR+ is lots of money for middle class folks to spend.

Previously I used to take auto to Saki Naka and stay at Qube Stay capsule hostel that costs around 900 INR a night. I've also tried IRCTC's Urban POD inside Mumbai central but this is bit far from airport.

The cheapest spot I had found in Mumbai was a hostel in Ghatkoper for just 300 INR a day. But that was too basic and minimal, you may not prefer it if you prefer little bit privacy, comfort.

This time, April 2024, I found a hotel within walking distance from Mumbai airport. Hotel Sunshine is about 1.4 kms from Mumbai airport T2 entrance/arrival and about one km once you come out of airport premises. Hotel Sunshine have both conventional rooms and also hostel beds for under 500 INR (pricing is indicative and what I paid, might vary time to time at the discretion of hotel owner and booking sites), which is very affordable and convenient. Once outside of airport you will be able to hail an auto and reach hotel sunshine for under 50 rupees if you don't want to walk a km.

Below is map reference [Map link]

My dormitory bed at Hotel Sunshine Mumbai Airport- had power outlets, curtain, locker under the bed.

Hotel Sunshine has both regular hotel rooms and a dormitory. Dormitory is decent, has power outlets, lamps, drinking water, locker and curtains. The hotel also serves good food at reasonable price, so that you can have proper meals before heading to airport, avoiding need to spend 3x-4x price at Airport food counters. As the airport is under 1 km from sunshine hotel, I could just walk. Of course you can hail an auto for a small amount if you wish.

WiFi was just fine, I could do some office work.

Above: Dorm view and photo of a sunshine on hotel sunshine!

If you wish to go somewhere, autos are available right outside the hotel or you can walk a bit and reach Marol Naka metro station.

I found one sugarcane juice vendor selling juice in Air India cups

In case you don't like Sunshine hotel or it is sold out, there are few more hotels couple of hundred meters further the road. Hotel Prince, Hotel Airways inn etc. There is a Gurudwara and a Spa nearby.

So next time in Mumbai and looking for an affordable, convenient place to stay or keep your bags, you can head to hotel sunshine. Use this link or the widget below to book your room.

Hotel sunshine Mumbai


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