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Tourist Destinations without hostels-Seychelles & Maldives

Hostels are most affordable stay options for budget tourists, backpackers. For about 10 to 15 Euros it is possible to spend a night in most of the cities around the world- Paris, London, Tokyo and so on. This helps keep our accommodation cost low and overall trip can be completed in budget.

However some destinations in the world do not have any concept of hostels. Maldives for example- you may get some hotels in 5000-6000 INR per day in main island but no hostels. All islands only have luxury resorts costing a fortune. This prompts budget travelers either avoid these destinations altogether or reduce the duration of their stay.

Seychelles seems to be another such destination where concept of hostels do not exist. I booked a flight ticket without checking stay options and then realize now I've to spend more on hotels than my flight ticket.

My return ticket is 34000 INR

But for 7 nights stay I've to now spend around 40000 INR, overall trip expense may touch 1.5 lakhs INR, while I was hoping to finish it at around 1-1.2 lakhs. Let me see.

Checked with many friends-no one is keen to join. Online forums only girls get dozens of offers or invites while guys get near zero response.

So lessons learnt:

  • Always check for budget accommodation availability at a destination before booking flight tickets
  • Check with your family/friends if anyone ready to join so that room expense can be shared
  • Else plan a shorter visit 

Lots of destinations only want wealthy tourists and not budget folks, so I think it is common for such destination to maintain a higher price tag for everything to eliminate price sensitive customers. Also Seychelles is a small island nation with limited resources- almost everything is imported from far away land so their cost is high. Water, food everything will be expensive if we're visiting a country with limited resources.

Your thoughts?

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