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Now Two TVs in Kundapura-Udupi-Mangalore Buses

Earlier this author was surprised to see local buses operating in Kundapura, Udupi, Mangalore Sector keeping TVs inside buses and showing movies to passengers who boarded the bus for a local journey. My earlier post related to this can be read here (English version) or here (Kannada version).

Recently this author was shocked to find that some buses have gone one step ahead and are housing two TVs inside. Apparently, in my earlier article I’d written “Whenever there're standing seats (Passengers standing when all seats are occupied) those sitting in left half of the bus are denied this golden opportunity of watching movies on the go. Because of this people have requested for a dedicated secondary TV for left half of the bus.” Now this wish appears to be fulfilled as some bus owners have introduced second television inside their bus. (Refer image)

Shall we call it power of blogging? (And take all credit saying my article made bus owner bring in additional TV?) “The blog post just requested for another TV, it didn’t stipulate that the TVs should be in working condition, hence we’ve just kept a TV” Bus owner has reportedly stated in his letter to RTO authorities.

Meanwhile NH17 is at its all time worst condition these days, totally non motorable. Not only the film actress shakes her body, the entire bus and passengers inside will shake thoroughly as the bus tries to maneuver deep pits and wide potholes, praying god to let them reach home in one piece. Hope National Highway Authority of India wakes up and gets the roads back in shape.

I’m just wondering what next in this in-bus entertainment series… two more TVs for backward classes? (I mean those who are sitting in last few rows)?

Kannada version of this article is available here


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  2. The post is describing the traveling by TVS in Kundapura Udupi and Mangalore. Useful post


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