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Predictive Journalism-Reporting made easy

Reporting news was never so easy. Whenever a specific event happens, a set of statements from various corners follow without fail. This post is a collection of such events.

Event 1: There’s a bomb blast somewhere.

You can release following news items without hesitation (Add breaking news for effect)

1 Sonia Gandhi has expressed her condolence for the families of the victims

2 PM Manmohan Singh has said “India will not tolerate this cowardly act of terrorism”

3 Local police have said blasts might have occurred from something which might be anything from locally made crude bomb to sophisticated IED (Improvised Explosive devices)

4 State Government has ordered an enquiry into the incident

5 Security has been beefed up across country. All metros on red alert.

Event 2: India looses a cricket match

1 Dhoni (or whoever is the captain): We lost because of bad batting/bad bowling (depending on whether we failed to chase a total or to defend a small total)

2 A senior team member: what if we have lost a match? We still have n number of matches left (where n = total number of matches in the series-number of matches already played) [If n=0, quote upcoming series]

3 An ex cricketer: Our batsmen should bat properly, bowlers should learn to bowl properly, fielders should field properly…(BY virtue of their experience they have professional ways of telling this sentence in highly impressive ways. Add terms like line and length, consistency, team spirit, non dependency etc for additional effect!!!)

Scenario 3: Suppose there is a flood in particular state

1 People living in low areas are advised to get lost (go to safer areas)

2 Chief Minister to conduct an aerial survey of the flood affected area

3 State asks for more relief funds from Centre

4 State home minister says rescue operations are being conducted on war footings

5 Delegation of state cabinet to go to Delhi and meet the Prime minister to press for further aid

6 Prime minister promises every possible assistance

Now can you think of few more scenarios where subsequent happenings are highly predictable? Think about It and drop a comment…

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  1. Conversely when India plays well and wins a match or tournament:

    1. Captain says it was a "team effort" and "all the boys played very well and contributed to the victory." and "we're looking forward to the next challenge/match/tournament."

    2. If it is an exceptional performance, then chief minister, cricket boards and other officials annouce 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs or 1 crore, depending on their own status/levels of office.

    3. Every newspaper carries a front-page photo with a news excerpt calling it a "historical moment."

  2. Also after a defeat, all captains *have* to say this:

    "We know the 'opposition' is a strong/great side and will come back hard at us so we'll have to be ready for the challenge."

  3. same applies for films which haven't got a good deal of publicity...

    2 examples...

    1. Relate a star with the one not in the film... latest example.. Jab We met & Kareena + Saif news & Grab Attention.

    2. Create a controversy..
    a. People create an issue with a song of an average movie, which laetr on becomes hit, due to the controversy it has created...
    there are many prior examples. Latest one being Bhool bhullaiya..

  4. Well we also in past have had news related to a famous News channel.

    A famous star is now behind bars these days. when he was to be out on a bail, the channel distributed flowers, gulaaal & sweets in people alongiwth huge banners.

    Now suddenly the channel creates the scene & terms the public (who like many of us, would be delighted to share the screen on the 14" screen) as the stars A/c's (fans would be a lower end term!)

    This seems to some sort of predictive Journalism, isnt it? or should we call it creative Journalism :)

  5. Shekar,
    Thanks for sharing your views.

    I cant digest channels airing live shows on prime time when a star returns home from jail...

  6. Absolutely, something to learn from the Israeli jorunalism where you look forward for newer achivements and discussing past and failures behind closed doors.

  7. Well, I haven't kept myself updated much with happenings at Israli journalism.


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